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City Clothing Factory's primary business is the production of school uniforms. Boys' uniforms include safari suits as well as shirts and trousers. In addition, City Clothing Factory supplies school jerseys, ties and socks. Dresses come in various colours – grey, green, navy blue, light blue and maroon.
UNDER DEVELOPMENT///Buloz Fashion House manufactures school and company uniforms. Using state-of-art machinery, this company is able to handle complex designs and produce products in large quantities with quick turn-around. Buloz Fashion House promises to produce uniforms that make your company or school stand out among your competition.

Uniforms in Zambia

In this section, you will find suppliers of clothing and trade uniforms. They supply schools, hospitals clinics, organisations and many other places with uniforms. This is done on a wholesale or retail basis. Check this section to see which companies supply specific trade uniforms. School uniforms are compulsory at Zambian schools. Without the proper uniform, the teachers have to exclude the children from class. The range of uniforms includes; salon wear, medical wear, suiting, shirts, blouses and tops, knitwear, aprons, chef wear, bar and banqueting and housekeeping uniforms. Find suppliers of formal, parade and dress uniforms including ties, epaulettes, whistles, shirts and more.