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Neelkanth Printing and Packaging has established a state of the art manufacturing facility. Neelkanth manufactures and supplies envelopes made out of virgin raw materials. The envelopes are shrink wrapped in bundles of 50 with a top sheet giving details of the brand, size and quantity.
With a modern production line, Lamasat manufactures plain and woven polypropylene bags used for packaging by major product suppliers. The company is able to cater for the most exacting designs and specifications. The bags are used as packaging by major producers of fertiliser, mealie meal, salt, sugar and cement.

Paper and packaging in Zambia

There are established manufactures in Zambia of folding cartons, paper-based wet strength glue labels and self-opening bags. Folding cartons are mainly for detergent manufacturers, bakeries and laundries. High density polyethylene quality bottles, jars and closures ideal form of packaging for peanut butter, sauces and condiments, crates can be embossed or screen printed, crown cork bottle tops, general line cans and cold rolled steel drums. Paper is an incredibly versatile substance. Paper may be impregnated, enameled, creped, waterproofed, waxed, glazed, sensitized, bent, folded, crumpled, cut, dissolved, macerated, molded or embossed. Newsprint paper, magazine paper, printing and writing paper, sanitary and household, packaging material and products and specialized papers are just some of its applications