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Lube-X Technologies is an authorised distributor of Dezzi (Desmond equipment from South Africa). The Dezzi range of equipment on offer includes: front end loaders, haulage tractors, articulated 4×4 hauler, articulated 6×6 and 6×4 dump trucks, articulated 4×4 dump trucks, motor grader, cane and timber loaders.
FleetCare of America offers a wide selection of heavy duty machinery for the construction and mining sector. Their technicians thoroughly inspect, test, and approve all equipment, guaranteeing a quality product. This company offers excellent after sale services to ensure that their clients get the best out of their investment.

Heavy duty machinery in Zambia

Here you will find established companies that provide heavy duty machinery in Zambia, primarily for the mining sector. These include lift trucks, locomotives, mining machines, loaders, cranes, containers, trailers and more, specially designed for executing construction and mining tasks such as earthwork operations.