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Tri-Pump and Engineering is a major supplier of established and trusted global brands of pumping systems and accessories to various industries in Zambia and the rest of the African continent. Whether it is a question of water, wastewater, or industrial fluids, this company guarantees to provide the best equipment for the job.
GKH Commercial Hydraulics supplies quality Parker hydraulic pumps that deliver an outstanding performance in the most demanding industrial and mobile applications. The company distributes Tandem and Axial piston pumps and Screw, Gear, Gerotor, Vane and Hydrostatic transmission pumps.

Specialised pumps in Zambia

The mining industry requires a range of pumping equipment for de-watering, transferring of abrasive and corrosive liquids, cleaning of machinery and other mine-specific requirements. Other industries have specific needs for pumping equipment, such as the petrochemical sector and the hydro-power sector. Suppliers of these different types of pumps in Zambia are detailed here. Find a distributor of various products used by water and waste water treatment professionals; specialized fluid handling equipment suppliers; wide range of production, transmission, storage, treatment equipment for water and oil or gas systems and services to the industrial and commercial sectors; industrial pumps, process equipment and system solutions to a wide range of industrial sectors, such as food, chemical, pharmaceutical.