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Eric Silwamba, Jalasi and Linyama Legal Practitioners maintains a solid foothold in the Zambian market, and continues to be a popular choice for many. Their key areas of focus include public law litigation, IP matters, commercial agreements and shareholder agreements.
William Nyirenda & Company provide comprehensive legal services. This firm exists to represent clients, advise them, and to be their advocates. Their professional team of advocates provide strong, consistent, client-focused, high-quality legal services designed to meet clients' commercial and business needs.
Pasi Advocates core practice areas include corporate advisory, litigation and dispute resolution, contracts, commercial transactions, employment related matters, real estate and conveyancing. This company also deals with legal compliance, mining related issues, intellectual property and debt recovery.

Legal practitioners in Zambia

Services that will help you deal with all your legal issues in Zambia. Legal services include providing legal advice, settling terms of a purchase of a business, tax or estate planning that includes the provision of legal advice, acting as counsel or advocate to a party in a court proceeding. Legal practitioners are a unique pedigree of socially conscious legal professionals, who in their everyday work, defend and protect the rights of all seeking advice and representation including women, children, the elderly landless by providing legal advice and representation in criminal and civil matters, will and estate dispute, property matters, and family matters like divorce, child care and domestic abuse.