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Chova Zero-Emissions provides general courier services around Lusaka, for documents and other small parcels. The company keeps their prices below the average market rate by keeping their overheads low and by collecting payment in advance from organisations who hire their services. In addition, Chova offers corporate volume discounts.
Online Express offers a postal and courier service that enables quality international deliveries. They will clear your goods and keep you fully informed of the progress of delivery, right up to the point where parcels are safely in your hands. Their dedicated team ensures that it delivers every parcel with care.
Bikolinah Logistics provides reliable domestic courier services with express delivery solutions. Once your package is in their hands, you can rest be assured that it will be delivered in the shortest time possible to the desired destination with utmost care. Bikolinah is committed to meet your needs and to make sure that it adds value to your business through its quality service.
Lechwe Express Logistics offers a fast and reliable postal and courier service to major destinations on a daily basis. The company provides services to individuals, corporates and government institutions. Lechwe has the capability to collect shipments of any size and weight, and deliver to your preferred destination.
Euro-Africa Bus offers a safe and reliable postal and courier service. The company pride themselves in their exceptional customer service which is achieved through strong personal communication and dedication to its clients. Euro-Africa is committed to delivering each consignment on time and without any damage.
Shalom Bus Services is one of the best parcel and courier service providers in Zambia. The company lets you send and receive parcels to/from Lusaka, Livingstone, Sesheke, Mongu, Nakonde and Johannesburg. Rates are affordable and based on the scheduled route that the bus uses to get from origin to destination.
Tigmoo provides a 24 hour delivery service within Lusaka city, and 72 hours throughout Zambia. The company is committed to offering you the most reliable courier service. Tigmo guarantees the high quality of its team, supported by the best means of transportation, security and communications.
PostDotNet specialises in sending and delivery of every kind, including documents and parcels like business agreements, bills of lading and gifts. The domestic courier network provides fast physical door-to-door delivery services. The company supplies internationally, meeting the accepted standards of service wherever you send to.
With operations in Lusaka and on the Copperbelt, Macspeedy's delivers important business documents and packages that need to be sent or received quickly within a local area. With their application downloaded on your computer, you can schedule a collection or delivery by ordering online.
DotCom Zambia provides an efficient postal and courier service that lets you send and receive mail and parcels in Lusaka, Ndola and Kitwe. The company has the capacity to handle even the most demanding delivery needs. DotCom offers you a service that is second to none in quality and professionalism.
Mercury Express Logistics offers a comprehensive express solution, positioning it as an innovative and customer-driven courier company. Its range of services include a personal postal and courier service within Zambia, international courier services and a range of business services such as international mailing addresses.
CR Holdings routes take them to more than a dozen final destinations in Zambia. As a service to its passengers and clients, they provide a courier service en route for small loads of cargo. This service is a much needed as it is timely and passengers accompany their luggage and cargo.

Postal and Courier in Zambia

These are services that will efficiently get your parcel to a Zambian destination, or send it out of the country, whether you’re sending a gift, doing some online shopping or transferring legal documents. It is a faster and easier way to get anything anywhere without physically being there. Find a variety of organizations offering this service in Zambia. Postal and Courier services basically involve the collection, sorting, transportation and delivery of goods and physical communications from a sender to a recipient. This encompasses ordinary letters, express mail services, parcel and packet services and unaddressed mail services like newspapers, or advertising mail. Postal and courier services in Zambia is now regulated by the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority, ZICTA