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General Alliance Insurance Zambia offers a wide selection of personal insurance products that are tailored to protect the financial interests of an individual or family. This company has helped many individuals to secure their most precious assets with competitively priced insurance products and diligent claims services.
African Grey personal insurance provides risk management that includes comprehensive coverage to protect a client's life, family and personal possessions. Whatever a client's needs are, this company will help in finding the right personal insurance solution to protect the things that are most important to them.
Buy your house and motor insurance online by logging onto Madison portal. and have your documents delivered to your doorstep. Madison General deliver countrywide. Madison General provides comprehensive cover at a favorable rate for home and car insurance.
Professional Insurance Corporation Zambia offers this package to cover personal belongings against loss, theft or damage. This includes motor vehicles, houses and other possessions, and cover for individuals against various liabilities.
BlackGold Insurance Brokers provides personal general insurance policies across a broad spectrum. The company's insurance professionals personally examine their clients' needs to create the most suitable package at an affordable rate. BlackGold offers property, motor and personal life cover insurance policies.
Rocks Insurance Brokers offers a wide range of personal general insurance products such as liability, property, home, and auto insurance. The company works with professional insurers to ensure your valuables, your family and lifestyle is sufficiently covered and protected.
Realising that individuals work hard to acquire property, Veritas General Insurance Plc offers a wide range of personal general insurance products such as liability, property, home, and auto insurance to cover you from loss or damage. Veritas General Insurance will help minimise your financial burden if things go wrong.

Personal general insurance in Zambia

Insurance is designed to protect the well-being of an individual, company or entity in case of unexpected loss. Some forms of insurance are required by law while others are optional. There are different types of insurance cover services offered in Zambia, including car insurance, health insurance, disability insurance, homeowners insurance and many more. You will find a host of insurance companies and insurance brokers that operate in Zambia here. For personal insurance these are some of the services they provide; funeral, life, motor, personal liability, household content, house owners, travel and personal accident insurance. Find the insurance package that best suits your needs.