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Women and Finances - Mentoring Session

This event is part of a series of quarterly women’s mentoring programme that have been created by SOTRANE in response to demands from the women that attended the annual International Women’s Day mentoring. This particular event focused on the relevance of indigenous wisdom (Mbusa Concept) as a tool of recognising the worth of women in modern society. Various speakers explored the concept of ‘the woman’s identity’ in relation to unique indigenous wisdom and how that translates and can be expressed in the modern cosmopolitan society.

Mother’s Day eve presents yet another opportunity for women to be mentored, again using indigenous wisdom (Ichikwama Concept) on Economic/ Financial Independence. ‘Ichikwama’ represents the woman’s wallet; her personal finances. Part of recognising women as successful and nurturing mothers is in how they handle the money for the running of the household. The more diligent and wise a woman is with this aspect, the greater the honour and respect she earns from those she is entrusted to care for.

SOTRANE has invited experts in the field of finance to come and share and mentor women on how they can be maximise their chances of success at economic independence. The experts explore the various levels of money mastery ladder: Earning, Spending, Saving and Investing.

Equipped with the right tools/knowledge, the woman becomes empowered to make informed decisions on money matters and take courageous steps towards the attainment of financial mastery and permanent economic sustenance.

To reserve your seat contact The Network For Society Transformation

12 May 08:30
Lusaka National Museum, Independence Avenue / Nasser Road, Kamwala, Lusaka
+260 975 016180, +260 961 141637
Women and Finances - Mentoring Session
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