Alpha Centauri - Poetry Night

Within each person is the untapped ability to do great things; to sow higher than the mighty eagle.

Within each person is the undeniable ability to be great; to rise above that which holds them down.

Within each person is the unfettered ability to live amongst the greats; to be remembered by history as important.

Within each and every person is the obvious ability to be the greatest; to lead so that everyone else may follow, to shine the brightest in the darkest of days; to be the Alpha Centaury of the Southern Constellation; the star that shines the brightest.

The Poetic Juice will be hosting a poetry night aimed at reinforcing that belief, that everyone has the chance to be something or someone and to be like the brightest star in the Southern Constellation and shine like the Alpha Centaury. The event is Poetry themed along with live music, dance and exhibition of paintings. It shall have an interval or two for the audiences to mingle and interact as well as take selfies with strangers and view the various paintings displayed thereat.

This show will feature Ludo, Sheeba, Milimochayadeep, Bearded King, Luka Mwango, Lisa, Conquest, Malachi, Nothing But Voices and the Diversity Band.

For more information contact The Poetic Juice.

24 Aug 17:30
K30 per ticket
Mulungushi International Conference Centre, 8025 Great East Road, Lusaka
+260 97 7447324
Alpha Centauri - Poetry Night
Mulungushi International Conference Centre
Mulungushi International Conference Centre
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