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Gerald Clark "Travel by Horse" Tour

Gerald Clark, singer-songwriter and musician, will be back in Zambia to present us with another mesmerising afternoon. This time, he is joined by Guy Collins, an afro-blues star of the South African music scene. Gerald and Guy will perform together.

The artists combine soul, funk, maskandi and blues in an original way that will satisfy an audience of any kind!

For more information contact The Roan and Sable Café & Grill.

7 Sep 15:00
The Roan and Sable Café & Grill, 1st Chila Road, DG Complex, Lusaka
+260 97 3944170
Gerald Clark "Travel by Horse" Tour
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Roan and Sable Cafe & Grill
Roan and Sable Cafe & Grill
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Roan and Sable Cafe & Grill provides guests a comfortable dining experience with a menu that changes regularly. The restaurant is committed to ensuring that each guest receives prompt, professional and courteous service. All food is made to order, served in large portions and reasonably priced. The restaurant offers a casual dining atmosphere with options for indoor or outdoor seating. An ideal location if you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere.
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