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The Esperanza Carnival 2018

Special Hope Network (SHN) is a non profitable organization based in Zambia that has been giving children with special needs around Lusaka a friendly environment of love, care, acceptance and education to grow in.

Janki Pithia, Faheema Koya, Nicole Gupta and a team of volunteers are planning a carnival called The Esparanza (Spanish for hope) Carnival to raise funds to assist SHN to carry out their duties as community servers to build a more suitable environment for these children.

Your assistance in funding or helping with any donation will be greatly appreciated. All funds raised will be given to Special Hope Network and Al Musaa’adah (helping aid.)

25 Dec
ZMW50, Kids under 10 year go free
Central Sports Club, Longacres
+260 977 942100, +260 979 488696, +260 978 842560
The Esperanza Carnival 2018
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