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Specialised Nurses (on Going Recruitment ) - 5

Brilliance Executive Management Consultants. Executive Recruitment We specializes in identifying, attracting and hiring professionals to critical positions with companies across the country. We are not driven by previously-defined processes and predictable solutions, but by listening to clients’ needs and working together to chart, then navigate the wisest course. We target and headhunt by specific industries to ensure that quality candidates are not missed out. Our vigorous research and selection process ensure that we only target the best candidates and conduct reference checks on the shortlisted candidates. You need a trusted and reliable partner for your executive search positions. Our experienced Recruitment Consultants just need a thorough understanding of the job requirement and we will ensure to deliver the best fit candidates for your organization. A leading Private Hospital has engaged Brilliance Executive Management Consultancy Ltd-BEMCONSULT to recruit five (05) Registered Nurses with a specialization in any of the following:

- Theatre

- Critical Care

Key Responsibilities

To provide a quality, competent, clinical care to all patients that enhances the wellbeing of the patients

Demonstrate knowledge based on the health/illness status of the individual patient

Provide sound decision making in care of individual patients

Set priorities in nursing care based on patients’ needs through organizing and planning work

Developing specific goals and plans to accomplish workProvide sound decision making in care of individual patients

Set priorities in nursing care based on patients’ needs through organizing and planning work.

Developing specific goals and plans to accomplish work

Ensure continuity of care

Administer medications and other therapies as prescribed

Formulate a plan of care in collaboration with patients and other members of the team

Implement planned nursing care to achieve identified outcomes

Evaluate progress towards expected outcomes

Respond to the urgency of patients conditions

Communicating with supervisors, peers or subordinates-providing information to supervises co-workers and subordinates by telephone, in written form or in person

Inspecting Equipment and other necessary tools for work to identify problems/defects to ascertain fitness for work

To maintain a high level of personal hygiene and cleanliness, and to be always pleasant in demeanor, welcoming and compassionate

To provide nursing care in accordance with appropriate professional and hospital standards

To attend to patients needs

To treat all patients with kindness, respect, dignity and privacy

To maintain proper records and document any act or service done on the patient

Legal; adheres to practices in accordance with nursing law and other relevant legislation.

To be discreet and confidential in all matters pertaining to any patient or hospital business.


Diploma in Nursing


Three (3) four - (4) years post qualification experience especially in a private Hospital

Computer Literate

Good Communication and interpersonal skills

Must be a member of a relevant professional body

How to apply

Brilliance Executive Management Consultants Zambia,

5984 Paseli Road-off Manchinchi Road,



Application deadline
30 Jan 22:00
Apply online
Email applications to
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