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Local Guard Force Coordinator

The U.S. Mission in Zambia is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the position of Local Guard

Force Coordinator.


• Under the supervision of the Assistant Regional Security Officer (ARSO), incumbent exercises

• operational supervision of the contracted Local Guard Force (LGF) comprising approximately 350 local guards and oversight of 50 Zambian Police Service (ZPS) officers assigned to U.S. government (USG)

• facilities.

• Oversee the operation of 8 access control points, including vehicular access and explosive

• control points.

• Responsible for monitoring and recording the activity in the streets around such access

• points in order to insure the safety of employees at 5 USG facilities and approximately 100 residences.

• Collaborate with other RSO personnel and assets, including Surveillance Detection, Mobile Patrol, and ZPS officers to identify and mitigate threats.

• Function as the Government Technical Monitor and

• watchdog for the Contracting Officer's Representative to ensure compliance with contract parameters and ensure against waste, fraud, and abuse.

• Oversee and coordinate ZPS assets for the Ambassador's

• Protective Detail (APD).

Qualifications Required

• Applicants must address each required qualification listed below with specific and comprehensive

• information supporting each item.

• Failure to do so may result in a determination that the applicant is not qualified.


• Two years of Post-Secondary studies at University or College is required.


• Two (2) years working experience with the police, military,

• protection operation or in a security setting is required. Additional one (1) year supervisory

• experience is also required.


• Level IV (fluent) speaking/reading/writing of English is required. Level III (Good

• Working Knowledge) speaking/reading/writing of one local language is required.

• (English language proficiency will be tested).


• Excellent oral and written communication ability are required.

• Advanced knowledge and experience in the use of word processing and spread sheets, formal and

• street interview techniques, conflict resolution and self-defense is required.

• Ability to analyze a problem and to communicate orally and in writing at an executive level. Keyboard skills required to compile reports, letters, and statements. Numerical skills required for budget formulation.

• Ability to use Microsoft Office Suites.


• Knowledge of access control, manpower control, applicable labor laws,

• force structure management and budget review is required.

• Additionally, knowledge of improvised explosive devices is required.

How to apply

Send your applications to:

the Human Resources Office,


Application deadline
24 Apr
Hand deliver applications to
or you can call on +260 211 357000
Apply online
Email applications to
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