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Systems and Database Administrator

Role Purpose

  • Responsible for the performance, integrity and security of systems and databases.
  • Also Responsible for planning ,development and troubleshooting systems and databases

Key Responsibilities

  • Supervises and undertakes the acquisition, configuration, installation and maintenance of robust Server Farm Infrastructure in order to facilitate availability of e-services and applications and databases.
  • Supervises and undertake development of policies and standards for server and database infrastructure in order to facilitate interoperability of ICT systems
  • Supervises and undertakes the configuration and maintenance of server and database infrastructure in order to ensure systems availability
  • Develops new and modifies existing systems , programs or databases, correct errors and make necessary modifications
  • Approve, schedule, plan and supervise the installation and testing of new products and improvements to computer systems, such as the installation of new databases.
  • Supervises and undertakes the management of the Authority’s website and ensures security and regular update and maintenance
  • Review project requests describing database user needs to estimate time and cost required to accomplish project
  • Review procedures in database management system manuals for making changes to database


  • 5+ years’ experience in information technology with a focus on system administration and database Management
  • Bachelor’s degree in a related area such as Computer science, Information Systems Management or related subject.
  • Member of the Computer Society of Zambia
  • Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Active Directory System Administration
  • Good Knowledge of Microsoft Active Directory System Administration
  • MCSA,MCSE Microsoft Active Directory System Administration
  • MCDA Microsoft Certified Database Administrator
  • Extensive Knowledge of systems and database security management
  • Knowledge of relevant legislation such as the ECT Act and general control framework such as COBIT and ITIL
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Core Competencies
  • Ability to follow and strictly adhere to procedures
  • Analytical thinking
  • Wide knowledge of risks and threats
  • Ability to prioritise risks and threats to network systems
  • Quick learner, eager to leverage new technologies in a dynamic team environment
  • Ready to consult widely and efficiently with other IT specialists

How to Apply

Submit your CV and application on company website:

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