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Technical Field Expert – Demos and small - (1802233)


1. Product trials

  • Conduct product trials to generate information for marketing and advertising improve and for knowledge base technical for staff
  • Ensure all activities are done on time according to the agreed protocols
  • Compile data and reports as required
  • Supervise labour for trials.

2. Demos

  • Set demos for field days/marketing and advertising to raise awareness and demand creation.
  • Provide high value support to the success of the demos
  • responsible for National field day technology platform site

3. Costs/Admin

  • Supervise Technical Field Officers and trial assistants
  • Manage the costs for trials, and Technical Field Officers and trial assistants to stay within budget.

4. Good Growth Plan(GGP)

  • Provide support to the farmer trainings for the GGP project in order to succeed the set target.

5. Marketing

  • Provide information on products for marketing materials and messages to ensure that are technically correct.


  • Relevant degree in Agronomy/ Agriculture / Crop science
  • Experience in doing trials

How to Apply

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