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Out-Grower Field Officer (Mumbwa)

Main Purpose Of The Job:

1. To implement Community social development projects (to ensure food security, increased household income and improved standard of living in the community)

2.Supervision of farm shops (to purchase grain and sale farming inputs through mobile depots and selling points profitably).

  • Reports directly to: Supervisor / Programme/Out-Grower Manager
  • Responsible for: Farmer Coordinators, Labour/Field operations & Farmers
  • Internal contact with: Labour & other departmental officers / Managers.
  • External contact with: Projects partners, Farmer Coordinators and farmers.
  • Description of location: Community, Field and Office

Key Performance Areas

• Social development component

1 Social development

2 Research and development

• Nutritional education

• Agricultural extension

• Business education

• Credit component

• Performance incentive

• Entrepreneur investment.

Authority Structure – Decision Making Levels

A = Acts On Own initiative entirely

B = Acts On Own, but informs superior after taking action.

C = Consults superior and then acts on own initiative.

D = Acts On Own initiative after being instructed by superior

How to Apply

Submit your CV to:

Application deadline
12 Jul
Email applications to
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