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Farm Manager

Job Main Purpose

To co-ordinate, control and timeously execute all operations on the farm by effectively utilising all the available resources as per approved production and financial plans.

Key Performance Areas:

• Agricultural Operations.

• Farm Equipment Management and Maintenance.

• Administration and Records

• Communication

• Personnel: Development, Relationships and Welfare.


• Co-ordinate all Production Planning, Conservation practices and field operational programmes.

• Take direct responsibility for Replant programme, field layouts and planting operations in conjunction with the relevant Farm Managers, as agreed to by the O.M.

• Act as Irrigation Planner and Scheduler for the crops under his control

• Control Pest and Disease programme as planned.

• Ensure that all equipment, Implements, Tractors and machinery are correctly calibrated and prepared ahead of all field operations. Every operation is to be checked each time a new field is started

• Assist with and compile schedules annually with the farm Workshop & Technical manager. This includes use, cleaning and maintenance and storage of all equipment and machinery.

• Ensure that all irrigation equipment is in good working order and that the pump maintenance programme is in place. Carry out random checks with the supervisors on a regular basis.

• Ensure that all Estate Buildings are in a sound operational condition ensuring a safe environment for employees to work in.

• Ensure that crop yields are collated and recorded accurately by field/orchard monthly and annually.

• Advise and assist Operations Management with the completion of Budgets (yearly by October) and do cost controls regularly for submission to O.M. by the end of each calendar month.

• Ensure that channels are open and followed between subordinates and chair meetings where necessary.

How to Apply

Submit your CV to:

Application deadline
11 Jul
Email applications to
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