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Assistant Accountant

Assistant Accountant (Agriculture and FMCG Industry)

Job Description

  • Assistant accountants basically provide administrative and clerical support to accounting managers or senior accountants.
  • Their job description entails assisting managing accountants in the preparation of financial statements, budgets, VAT returns, and invoices in order to maintain the finances of an organization.
  • Assistant accountants in performing their duties oversee the preparation of accounts payable, accounts receivable, bills, and other financial documents.
  • They utilize specialized accounting tools and software such as QuickBooks to input and manage financial data.
  • They also support the finance department by performing various tasks among which include verification of financial statements and accounts.
  • Assistants liaise with finance and accounting staff members to complete different accounting projects.
  • They monitor office expenditure to ensure they are within set budget.
  • They also verify account balances to rectify inconsistencies in financial records.
  • Usually, assistant accountants prepare invoices for company clients and customers.
  • They carry out bank reconciliation, receipt posting and balancing.
  • They also assist accounting managers in the preparation of annual budget for an organization.
  • As part of their responsibilities, assistant accountants oversee the processing of payments to ensure they are accurate and made within given time frame.
  • They prepare and maintain detailed profit and loss accounts sheet in order to determine the return on investment.
  • They also prepare and present to senior accountants regular reports of financial activities.
  • The role of assistant accountants also involves resolving problems with purchase order; they contact external service providers to address issues with billing and charges.
  • They assist accountants in performing external and internal audits to evaluate the finances of an organization.
  • They also compile data for quarterly VAT returns.
  • Assistant accountants in fulfilling their work description may also perform administrative tasks, such as taking minutes of meetings, handling phone calls, and responding to emails.
  • The assistant accountant job requires at least a high school diploma as an entry level accounting position.
  • Further education is required for advanced accounting positions.
  • Qualities needed to succeed on the job include analytical, interpersonal, and bookkeeping skills.

How to apply

If you feel you fit the criteria kindly send your CV to:

Application deadline
7 Aug
Email applications to
malama –
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