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We are looking for an experienced agronomist who is a plant and soil scientist who will study and try to improve on the process of growing farm crops. He must be able to use land more effectively and suggest methods to increase yields.


  • Conduct research on latest trends in crop and soil management
  • Manage Sesame out-grower scheme and other related crops.
  • Effectively manage field activities such as planting, maintaining and harvesting.
  • Hire, organize and supervise seasonal employees ensuring work is performed in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Create strategies in strengthening crop production and crop management.
  • Develop innovative research-based techniques in agronomist functions and programmes.
  • Study, asses and evaluate soil chemistry and soil testing.
  • Develop ways to make crops more pest- resistant.
  • Develop and implement agronomist programmes.


  • A four year college Diploma or Degree in Agriculture
  • Experience in managing out-grower schemes.
  • Agricultural research background preferred
  • Demonstrated competency in project planning.
  • Experience in conservation farming would be an added advantage.
  • May be required to do physical lifting and work in varying ergonomic environments.

How to Apply

Submit your CV to.

Email applications to
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