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Data Associate

Zambia Centre for Communication Programs

Location: Lusaka


  • Implement, and enforce proper data collection policies and procedures according to the Data collection guideline.
  • Train and support data collectors, community volunteers (CV), in data collection tools and procedures (with reference to the 3. Data collection tools and protocols)
  • Conduct supportive supervision during activity implementation to promote adherence to standards and procedures
  • Inspect data collection tools for completeness at the collection level.
  • Provide feedback on utilization of data collection tools by users, Community Volunteers (CV).
  • Ensure the filing of both hard and soft copy documents is according to the filing guidelines.
  • Storage of copies of data collection tools with ease of access by authorized users
  • Monitoring utilization of programme resources including funds and equipment
  • Periodically monitor progress against agreed indicators in the performance Monitoring and Evaluation plan
  • Document on a regular basis lessons learnt on various project interventions by programme staff
  • Ensure utilization of PMP by Program Officers
  • Provide training on basic data aspects to CVs
  • Ensure data is captured in the database before each Monthly reporting schedule.
  • Complete monthly indicator summations using the data base and enter the data onto the DHIS2 online system for the district(s).
  • Troubleshoot data submission errors and data error issues
  • Perform and document procedures for data management (including data cleaning, standardization and analysis)
  • Perform quality control procedures such as data validation, completeness, timeliness and reliability.
  • Endure that Data is backed up on a monthly basis.
  • Produce monthly updates and reports on the status of reported data.
  • Participate in the preparation and presentation of data.
  • Assist in developing means to correct the problems.
  • Reports to District HIV/AIDS Committee (Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual) for the district(s).
  • Regular Data Quality Assessment (DQA) forms for reported data.
  • Generate monthly Indicator Summation forms.

How to Apply

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