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Talent Management & Development Manager

Overall Purpose

  • To implement an effective Talent Management and Development service aligned to the overall Human Resource and Corporate strategic objectives in order to improve individual, departmental and organisational productivity.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Degree in Human Resources Management or related field

Professional Registration:

  • Zambia Institute of Human Resource Management

Minimum Experience:

  • Minimum of 3 years in training & development and organizational development
  • At least 3 years in a management-level position

Key Skills:

  • Consultation.
  • Ethical Practice.
  • Cultural Awareness.
  • Relationship Management

How to Apply

Submit your CV and application on company website:

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Zambia Telecommunications Company Ltd (ZAMTEL)
Zambia Telecommunications Company Ltd (ZAMTEL)
Telecoms and IT
Telephones and Mobiles
Phones and accessories
Established in 1994, Zambia Telecommunications Company (ZAMTEL) is a government owned telecommunication and internet service provider. It provides cost effective, communication solutions and services that consistently offer unrivalled customer experience through the use of cutting edge technology and customer focused marketing whilst maximising shareholder value. The products include Zamtel land-line services, Zamtel prepaid, Zamtel mobile internet and Zamtel international roaming services.
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