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Infrastructure & Development Manager


Provide oversight, development and technical management of the campus electrical 210 and 110 diesel generated power systems, solar power systems, ZESCO public power connection, water, and information technology systems.


East of Chongwe 14 kilometers, near Kazemba Mountain

Minimum requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree or experience in related field.
  • Proven record of successful supervisory experience in a people oriented environment.
  • Two (2) years or more direct experience in related field.
  • Demonstrated understanding of the application of related technology in the area of electricity, power generation, and solar for both American and African current configuration.
  • Demonstrated understanding of the application of technology.
  • Must be a Zambian citizen.
  • The candidate should be sober, self driven, work oriented and a good team player.
  • Should be between the ages of 25 – 45 years.

How to Apply

Apply email received later than that will not be accepted. Application letter, CV and supporting documents should be emailed to the following Address

Application deadline
23 Oct 15:00
Email applications to
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