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Zambian Technicians Experienced

ZTE Zambia Service Ltd is looking for Zambian technicians experienced in following fields.

1001. Site Acquisition

1002. Power Acquisition

1003. ROW Acqusition

1004. Civil Work Engineer

1005. TI Site Engineer

1006. OSP Engineer

1007. Project Management

1008. LTE/Micro Wave

1009. Core Network

1010. VAS

1011. Fiber/OPS

1012. Power Electronics/IDC

1013. CCTV

1014. Software (VSS/CERS/E-Policing)

Employment Type: Full-time/Contract

Location: Lusaka, Zambia

Job Description:

  • As a part of the whole project, you will support the design, deployment, installation, commission and maintenance of your specified products

Basic Requirements:

  • Good English
  • Good communication skills
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in a relevant field
  • Can learn new technology quickly.
  • Work hard under pressure and be capable to accept and accomplish challenges.
  • Be able to travel for work around the nation.
  • University Bachelor or Master Degree in Telecommunications/Electronics Engineering /Computer Science or relevant majors.
  • Have expertise with concepts of ZTE/Ericsson/Nokia/Huawei equipments is better

How to Apply

You are welcome to send CV (with position name) to this email:

Email applications to
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