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Finance Officer – (x1)

Location: Kansanshi Mine Hospital – Solwezi

Purpose of the Role:

At Mary Begg, the finance officer is based at a MBCC facility but works closely with the Finance team at Head Office to complete patient and/or third party billing, manage petty cash and review pricing of medicines.

He/she conducts herself/himself in a professional manner and always demonstrates good customer service towards all our clients, visitors, health professionals and MBCC employees.

Key Duties:

  • Ensure all patient billing at clinic /hospital level is conducted accurately, competently and within the set timelines.
  • Receive and deposit all private patient cash payments as directed by the Finance Manager (i.e. daily, weekly, monthly).
  • Ensure all patient accounts receivables are processed on time, accurate and proper records are maintained and filed.
  • Ensure all patient billing at the clinic/hospital is accurate and coincides with the items on the charge sheets for inpatient and outpatient billing. Any discrepancies are addressed with the appropriate medical/ nursing staff and rectified immediately.
  • Issue patient billing invoices (especially for private paying patients) and collect payment accordingly.
  • For private paying patients, inform front office or the patient directly of charges of services/ procedures prior to any treatment and collect deposits accordingly.
  • Process all inpatient billing (i.e. inpatient stay, medications, consumables use, procedures conducted).
  • Clarify with the inpatient nursing/ medical staff if items are unclear on the patient charge sheets.
  • File all patient charge sheets and maintain proper accounting for audit purposes.
  • Assist with training any front office staff on the patient billing process and computer software systems to promote accurate and timely billing.
  • Managing all petty cash at the clinic.
  • Complete the petty cash and cash handling weekly audits and send to the Clinic/Hospital Manager and Finance Manager.
  • Process all third-party contractors billing. Maintain proper records of all billing invoices.
  • Maintain proper patient billing details on MBCC software.
  • Create and maintain patient billing/invoicing registers as directed by the Finance Manager.
  • Submit all completed invoice receipts/books to head office as instructed.
  • All patient billing information must be backed up on the appropriate systems for accounting and record keeping purposes.
  • Receive and make telephone calls as instructed. Identify yourself openly. Speak clearly and politely.
  • Divert calls promptly or take messages ensuring accuracy of detail and timely delivery to the recipient.
  • Maintain work operations by following policies and procedures as directed by the Company.
  • Report promptly any incident or adverse event relating to staff, patients’ or visitors to the Finance Manager or Hospital Manager.
  • Carry out any other assignment or duties given by the Finance Manager or Clinic/ Hospital Manager.

Qualifications and desired attributes:

  • Full Grade Twelve (12) School Certificate or its equivalent
  • Must have a diploma in accounts/ business administration or country equivalent.
  • Must be registered with the Zambian Institute of Chartered Accountants (ZICA)
  • Must be computer literate with excellent Microsoft excel and word acumen
  • At least 3-5 years’ work experience
  • Excellent team working skills
  • Detail oriented
  • Strong customer service skills

How to Apply

To apply, Go to the website and attached your detailed Curriculum Vitae:

All applicants that previously applied for this position need not to apply.

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