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Sales Manager

We are currently looking for an experienced Sales Manager to work full time at our company.

Job Requirements

  • Minimum 3-5 years experience in Real Estate Industry
  • Degree/Diploma in any sales or business related field
  • Knowledge of Real Estate

Key Skills

  • Coaching – helping team members reach their full sales potential is the main objective of a real estate sales manager, and the ability to support and motivate sales agents is essential to success at this job
  • Salesmanship – sales skills are fundamental, as these managers must to train their sales team to build rapport, ensure client trust, and make the sale on a regular basis
  • Team management – it is the responsibility of the real estate sales manager to oversee the sales agent team and handle any issues that arise, as well as to make sure sales goals are met
  • Communication skills – the ability to listen to and speak with clients, sales agents, and other managers is essential for effective real estate sales managers
  • Business acumen – an understanding of how a business achieves objectives and goals to drive sales is important for real estate sales managers.
  • They must think strategically, understand the real estate industry, and have a manager mindset
  • Performance management – these managers must plan and implement sales objects and evaluate sales performance to ensure goal accomplishment

Method of Application

Send your CVs to the email below:

and for more information call 0762699965 or visit our website

Apply online
Email applications to
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