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Transport Officer

Wanted transport officer

Duties include:

  • Assisting in the recruitment of quality drivers into the fleet
  • Developing efficient driver schedules to maximise profits
  • Managing drivers so they adhere to strict schedules
  • Registering and licensing all vehicles under their management.
  • Developing strategies for greater fuel efficiency.
  • Maintaining detailed records of vehicle servicing and inspection
  • Complying with Zambian transport laws and regulations
  • Scheduling regular vehicle maintenance to ensure operational efficiency
  • Monitoring drivers behaviour and ensuring a high level of customer service
  • Follow up on breakdown, accidents and recovery.


  • Degree/ Diploma in logistics or accounting
  • 2+ years in logistics role
  • Experience in transportation industry
  • Outstanding organisational skills
  • Analytical mindset and good problem solving skills
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication

Method of Application

Send your application to the email below:

Application deadline
28 Mar 15:00
Email applications to
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