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Run by Chreso Ministries which falls under the social arm of the Gospel Outreach Fellowship, Chreso Schools have been providing quality faith-based education to children in Zambia since 1994. They offer pre, primary and secondary education with the aim of offering a solid Christian foundation. The boarding facilities are well maintained and children are provided quality meals that meet all nutritional requirements. All Chreso Schools are registered with the Examination Council of Zambia.
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Set up in 2013, Brohks Investments maintains a large inventory of products geared to satisfying your hardware, kitchenware, garden, plumbing, electrical, tool, paint and cleaning needs. The company has partnered with a number of leading manufacturers and suppliers to provide the best products and solutions. Possessing comprehensive hardware expertise, Brohks' experienced team provides every customer with excellent service and value, and strives to fulfil all of your construction needs.
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