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In 2018, the annual Kwilimuna Ceremony will be held on Saturday 28th July in the Ichipembwe arena, at Ibenga in Mpongwe District of the Copperbelt Province in Zambia. This is a lively celebration of Zambian culture. Over a three day period, the history of the Bulima tribe is told, Chief Malembeka is praised as the honorable head of the Bulima tribe, and there is a lively program of speeches intermingled with music, traditional dance and sketches with a purpose.
Neelkanth Cables, a state of the art cable manufacturing unit which has been commissioned in Ndola, Zambia, to provide a complete solution for all cable requirements. The increasing demand for electricity and policies of the government to boost power generation, infrastructure development and industrialisation has resulted in an increased demand for a mode to transmit the power generated. The cables are used in the domestic, industrial and government sector.