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Global Finance has named Ecobank as the most innovative bank in Africa. The announcement was made at the eighth Global Finance annual awards, the Innovators 2020, honouring entities that regularly identify new paths and design new tools in finance.  Categories in the award include Top Innovations in Corporate Finance, Payments, Trade Finance, Cash Management, Islamic Finance, with Winners selected from different regions of the world. The classes of award comprised Most Innovative Banks in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Central & Eastern Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America and Western Europe; The Most Innovative Fintech Companies in Asia-Pacific, Central & Eastern Europe, North America and Western Europe; and The Best Financial Innovation Labs. At the virtual awards announcement, Anita Hawser, European Editor at Global Finance and Lead, Global Finance Awards evaluation team, noted that companies recognized at the Innovators 2020 significantly stood apart. She said the review panel looked at innovation in the context of product or process innovation, as they were ultimately more concerned with the impact of innovation in terms of creating value for customers or addressing a specific need, like speeding up lending or credit review process for small businesses; enabling companies to deposit cheques remotely and not having to visit the branches. According to her, these are innovations that significantly reduce the time or cost of companies to perform financial tasks and really transform customers’ business lives helping them operate more effectively in a significantly challenging business and economic environment. In his remark, Ade Ayeyemi, Ecobank Group CEO said: “We are pleased to be recognised as the ‘Most Innovative Bank in Africa’ by Global Finance. This attests to the strength of our brand in multiple countries across Africa, our unique pan-African platform, and our innovative banking products and solutions made possible by the success of our digital transformation journey”. With a larger African footprint than any other bank operating in West, Central, East and Southern Africa, Ecobank is the only bank that has banking operations that spans 33 African countries, operating a truly integrated African network. That is One unified integrated Ecobank Mobile Banking App, that works seamlessly across all 33 operating countries in Africa; One Ecobank Omni and Omni Lite serving Multinationals and SMEs in Africa; One Rapidtransfer app that breaks down country borders and allows the diaspora community send money directly to their loved ones, instantly and affordably across Africa; One Ecobank Online Banking platform that can be easily accessed across 33 African countries. The Ecobank Group’s unique and largest pan-African platform is designed to help unlock the opportunities of the continent, for the benefit of the continent, through standardization, thereby enabling regional integration, and trade and investment across borders.   With the Group’s sterling performance, it has been severally recognized as ‘Best Retail Bank in Africa 2019’ at African Banker Awards; Most Admired Financial Services Brand in Africa 2019 by Brand Africa 100; Best Digital Bank in Africa – 2017 by Euromoney Awards; Best Retail Bank and Innovation in Banking both in 2018 by the African Banker Awards amongst others.
Woodlands Shopping Mall is always striving to give their shoppers the very best experience. And so it is currently undergoing a face lift. The building work is expected to be completed by August 2020. As the new look is unveiled towards the end of the year, Woodlands Shopping Mall will be celebrating its 10th birthday. Watch out for more posts on this as the time gets nearer. Meanwhile please note that, regardless of the ongoing works, the mall is still open and businesses are operational.
Following the outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in December 2019 in Wuhan, China, Texila American University has created a free online course on what people need to know about the corona virus, its background, and how to protect yourself and your community. As part of the response, Texila American University have created this free online course. Upon the completion of the course, the user will obtain a certificate of completion. Join hands with Texila American University to fight against COVID-19 and take this course. Follow the link below for more information.
Although never formally asked to close, Kalimba Management decided to close the Reptile Park for the month of April for the safety of our Staff and for the safety of our valued customers. As this global pandemic has evolved so has our fight against it, and in Zambia the economic backlash of this crisis has been felt much more than the decline in public health. The decision was therefore made to reopen the park on the 1st of May. Life as we know it must continue, but with caution. Respecting public health measures of mask wearing, hand washing and social distancing we have been open for two weeks with our restaurant and bar closed. This seems to have functioned well and our customers were thrilled to be able to get out, go fishing, have a picnic, and getting some fresh air - all things that are important in these strange times. Following the Government’s announcement this week in which restaurants have been allowed to reopen, we have decided to completely reopen the reptile park to its full capacity, but of course maintaining all of the public health regulations. We are looking forward to welcoming you all back to Kalimba, and trust each one of you to be responsible in keeping yourselves, your families and our staff safe, all while keeping our local economy and businesses open.
The effects of COVID-19 are now a reality! Qrent are starting to experience a shortage in IT hardware With unmatched supply and a weakening currency, prices will rise Qrent can offer cost-effective, Tier 1 branded desktops with a 3 year a warranty immediately Contact Qrent today and save up to 50% on your hardware costs.
Zambia In Style have a new photographic tour running, led by Matt Armstrong in conjunction with Green Safaris through Malawi and Zambia! Matt Armstrong is a talented top safari and photographic guide. Take a trip around some of Zambia and Malawi's most picturesque places with Matt’s guidance. From beginner to expert Matt can not only find you some of the best spots to see wildlife but also show you how to use your camera. From complicated techniques to expert tracking, post-capture editing to all-round good fun! This is a trip not to be missed for those looking to get the perfect capture of a beautiful memory. Prices: 2 pax USD$14,695 per person 4 pax USD$11,150 per person 6 paxUSD$9,965 per person 8 pax USD$9,370 per person
Fuel bowsers from 500ltrs to 2,500ltrs in poly, steel and stainless steel ideal for farmers, drilling, construction, mining companies and many more.
Blinds are ideal for blocking out any unwanted light while adding a touch of style to your home. Uniturtle Industries offers the perfect blinds for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom, all of the blinds are designed to provide stylish and practical solutions for your home. Find your favourite style with their selection of Roller, Vertical, Venetian and Zebra blinds. Hurry limited stock available. Offer available on selected colours only.
Do you want to be job ready as the end of the Coronavirus Lockdown approaches? Or wish to become a sought after ICT personnel? If so, this course is for you! By popular demand, our flagship Introduction to RDBMS Essentials and T-SQL Programming using Microsoft SQL Server short course is now available to study online in your own time and at your own pace. This powerful online course applies international principles for a global market. RDBMS Essentials and T-SQL Programming using Microsoft SQL Server The program modules are: • RDBMS Essentials • Querying Data and T-SQL Programming Using Microsoft SQL Server Total Duration: 3 months - Certificate available upon course completion
Do you want to be job-ready as the end of the Coronavirus Lockdown approaches? Or wish to become a sought after ICT personnel? If so, this course is for you! By popular demand, our flagship Introduction to Social Media Marketing short course is now available to study online in your own time and at your own pace. Course content This powerful online course applies international principles for a global market. The programme starts with the basics of digital marketing. Learn to create a social media strategy for all social platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus). 50 hours of intensive learning, in-depth understanding of Social Media with live online classes. Total Duration: 50 Hours - Certificate available upon course completion.
Radiators are useful appliances that can be used to warm up your house. This winter you can keep your family warm by buying a good quality radiator, helping to keep your home warm and comfortable during the cold winter months. They also create a cosy atmosphere in your home. Visit Poundstretcher Zambia, for different kind of radiators.
The Grill Shack has received their permit from council officials and is reopening from today. They are available for sit in and take away customers on Friday, Saturday and Sunday lunches and dinners. Health measures Customers are encouraged to abide by the health measures set out by the Government such as wearing masks, sanitising well and keeping a safe distance between yourself and other people. The Grill Shack is working hard to stop the spread of Coronavirus by maintaining the health precautions required. Here is how they have adapted to comply with council measures to enhance customer safety. It's now easier to place place orders conveniently and safely through WhatsApp. The team is allowed to 5 clients at one time. So if you notice 5 people in a queue, kindly wait at a distance and you will be attended to as soon as possible. Takeaway meals can be brought out to your car if you do not wish to enter the restaurant. Latest menu The latest menu includes rice dishes, Indian gravies, Chinese cuisine, noodles, soups, tandoori dishes and a braai menu. Whatsapp The Grill Shack for an up to date menu and to be added to their group.
Features 4000 Plus (price look up) memory Update the date and time automatically with built-in clock Platform size 378 x 277mm Internet interface for data updating ( WLAN optional Easy and quick loading off receipt or label Essential to accurately weigh and price your produce Direct thermal/high-speed thermal printing
Get a 5% discount when you buy spare parts from Guardian Motors Ltd. Parts include: Service parts Suspension parts Clutch overhaul parts Brake shoes Brake pads Body Engine Electrical parts Timing kits Accessories
Get your car serviced by the best. Get an amazing offer of 7.5% discount on labour in the month of May. Terms and Conditions apply.
Following the announcement by the Government of the republic of Zambia , Pestalozzi Education Centre quickly set up and started teaching students using online platforms. The School will virtually open on the 11 of May 2020 as teachers prepare for this Huge step in the Schools Aim of offering holistic education of the Head, Heart and Hands . Welcome to Term two!
University challenges Universities are facing diverse social and economic challenges: reduced government funding, higher costs to maintain facilities, strikes by students or staff and now the coronavirus pandemic. Such challenges cause disruptions and affect the efficient operation of universities. As a result, higher education institutions search for alternatives to traditional on-campus teaching, to overcome these difficulties. And the best alternative by far is online delivery. The advantages of online learning It is a fact that, through technology, universities can increase their outreach and revenue by recruiting students from around the world. In the era of smartphones and Internet on the go almost every school leaver or professional can access online learning. They can study from home, in their own free time, without neglecting work commitments. Also, students can ‘earn as they learn’, using their salaries to fund their studies and provide for their families. They can earn UK, European or American qualifications, highly coveted by employers, without travelling abroad. Qualifications from internationally recognised universities help graduates in Africa, the Middle East or Asia get better jobs, and advance in their careers. At the same time, studying online with tutors and students from different countries exposes them to the procedures and culture of the multinational workplace. As higher education providers turn to new countries to recruit students online, they need to overcome another challenge. The high cost of establishing and maintaining a digital platform to facilitate online delivery of programmes. Universities must keep their operation profitable to be viable, and most are in no position to invest millions to have their own digital infrastructure. Unicaf is the answer Unicaf, a global higher education organisation, offers a tried and tested solution since 2012. It partners with established universities in the UK, the USA and Africa to facilitate the online delivery of their programmes. Unicaf has professional know-how and state-of-the-art technology to facilitate online delivery of courses globally. In addition, without the cost of maintaining facilities or employing administrators to run a campus, Unicaf can offer partner programmes at reduced prices. Thus, programmes are more accessible, more flexible and more affordable. Unicaf has years of experience in marketing partner universities’ programmes and recruiting thousands of online students. Partner universities supervise programme content, following strict codes of Quality Assurance, and award the degrees. The Unicaf digital platform provides everything a student needs from registration to graduation, including the Virtual Learning Environment. The VLE connects students and tutors, offers access to e-libraries and networking forums, facilitates programme delivery. In fact, Unicaf’s user-friendly platform and modern teaching tools like videos, quizzes, podcasts, polls and group projects help students learn faster and retain for longer. Students receive individual attention from tutors, according to how fast they can process the material. They submit assignments, receive graded work and even take their exams through the VLE. They strike friendships and make professional contacts in different countries. After completing their studies online, they can even participate in the official graduation ceremony at the partner’s campus. Making university programmes available to millions Thus, Unicaf can provide universities with the necessary technological infrastructure to make their programmes available to millions, via online delivery. Providing an online delivery option is of growing importance for universities in the west, looking to increase revenues and ensure uninterrupted delivery of programmes, especially in challenging times. Unicaf is the answer to these pressing difficulties faced by many universities today.
Accommodation rates Single room K 1, 750 Double room K1, 850 ( based on two people sharing) Terms and conditions: Subject to availability and please note that that numbers will be limited and controlled as per government directive. Family room rates available. For bookings and enquiries contact the details below.
Accommodation rates Single room ZMW 1,680 Double room ZMW 1,760 Rates are inclusive of breakfast. Take away meals available Terms and conditions: Subject to availability and please note that that numbers will be limited and controlled as per government directive. Family room rates available. For bookings and enquiries contact the details below.
The threat to universities from the corona virus pandemic The corona virus pandemic forces countries to take strict measures. Universities fear on campus outbreaks. Such outbreaks could create problems with academic procedures. However, there is a very viable alternative to disruptions which threaten universities with closures. The alternative is online learning. Online learning is invincible by diseases, extreme weather phenomena, or social unrest. Therefore, the development of the Internet and technological advances have turned online learning into the new big player in education. It is flexible, affordable and accessible to almost everyone. Sick students can continue with their studies, new mothers can study while on maternity leave, working professionals can earn higher degrees. Specifically, should the majority be quarantined to contain the spread of the virus, online learning can be a useful distraction; a way to use quarantine time creatively; an opportunity to learn or research interesting things that we never have time to explore; or a way too earn a new qualification to improve your career prospects. Online learning with Unicaf Digital platforms, like Unicaf, provide everything a student needs from enrollment to graduation. They provide access to e-libraries and forums to interact with students and tutors in many countries; also, they use modern tools that make learning fun, (videos, quizzes and group projects). Above all, with online learning students can complete modules, submit assignments, take exams and graduate, without setting foot on campus. In addition, Unicaf online graduates receive exactly the same degrees as on campus fellow students. Unicaf is the exclusive online delivery partner of internationally recognised institutions; its partners include the University of Suffolk and Liverpool John Moores University in the UK, the University of California, Riverside Extension in the USA and multi-campus Unicaf University in Africa.
7 years of keeping the world clean, not only through best efforts but also because Pyanga Cleaning Services are surrounded by a united and strong team. Happy 7th Anniversary Pyanga Limited, and many more clean years to come!!
High quality washable protective mask with removable filter - Min 100 units ZAR65.99/ Landed price Lusaka ZMK 89.00 2 Ply washable sublimated Beak face mask - Min 100 units ZAR37.80. Landed price Lusaka ZMK 51.00 3 Ply washable sublimated beak face mask - Min 100 units ZAR46.79. Landed price Lusaka ZMK63.00 Washable face mask 2 layer with sublimation, Min order 100 units ZAR34.7. Landed price Lusaka 47.00 Unbranded 3 layer washable beak face mask - Min 100 units ZAR 32.39. Landed price Lusaka ZMK 44.00 Please note: The lead time is 14 days, All masks are manufactured in SA.
Cluster blocks available We are indeed living in unprecedented times but we are hopeful that things will return to some kind of normal soon. You may not be able to visit the Roma Park offices currently but we do encourage you to visit their website on www.romapark.co.zm to view available plots and also be updated on any new projects. Alternatively you are free to arrange to view the available plots by contacting the offices on the numbers/ email below. Roma P will ensure to follow guidelines put in place by the Ministry of Health during this period of social distancing. As many of you are currently working from home and have some extra time we would encourage you to follow through with your investment plans especially in land acquisition. The cluster development plots they have for sale, are strategically located by the residential main gate entrance of Roma Park. Payment plans The sizes of these plots start from 2500 sqm. Roma Park are offering favourable payment plans please contact them for plans and plots available. Commercial plots available Companies in Roma Park enjoy 0% import duty rate on capital equipment and machinery for 5 years. Investors in Roma Park who invest in not less than US$500,000 in a priority sector are entitles to fiscal incentives. Priority sectors include. Education, Health ,Tourism, Retail and Agriculture.
Why work from home? When you can simply work from Protea Hotel by Marriott Lusaka Safari Lodge, relax in their wide-open spaces and enjoy a safe and tranquil experience. Accommodation rates Single room: K 1, 650 Double room: K1, 750 based on two people sharing Family room: K2,140 (2 adults and 2 children below 12yrs) Free WiFi available throughout the hotel. Terms and conditions Subject to availability and please note that numbers will be limited and controlled as per government directive. All rate are inclusive of breakfast For bookings and enquiries contact the numbers below.

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