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The book lover in your relationship will appreciate these two great reads now available in Bookworld. ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama is described as an intimate, powerful, and inspiring memoir by the former First Lady of the United States. ‘No Be From Hia’ is about two ordinary girls who travel from London to Lusaka to Lagos in order to save their family and discover their destiny. It is a search for identity, love, and acceptance. It is also written by Zambian author, Natasha Omokhodion-Kalulu Banda and described as, ‘A great addition to the recent literature that has been coming out of Zambia’, by Write Lake Review, 2020. Buy your copies from a Bookworld near you.
Bookworld is your most affordable and reliable store for all thinks back to school, visit one of their 13 stores nationwide today!
Bookworld, Zambia's biggest book and stationery store, offers a wide choice of books and stationery at great value, together with expert advice from a passionate team. No two Bookworld shops are the same, sophisticated stock management systems ensure each bookshop has its own unique profile and space. The company has 11 stores across the country, and an eStore with a user friendly e-commerce system. An extensive selection of books and stationery is also available to online shoppers.
Bookworld is a major supplier of a complete range of leading stationery brands including exercise books, pens, pencils, paper, envelops, erasers, staplers and binder clips. The company's array of high quality affordable products enables it to service various markets including office, schools, homes and corporates. Bookworld's huge inventory of stationery enables its clients to efficiently and cost-effectively fulfil their stationery needs. The company's team is committed to developing great relationships with its customers and solving their supply chain problems by providing everything they need under one roof.
The Adventures in Zambian Politics by Guy Scott is now available across Bookworld stores selling for K400! As Miles Larmer writes in the foreword, Adventures in Zambian Politics is unlike any political memoir you have ever read. It is ... A political history of Zambia from colonial times to the present. A revealing insider account of politics and government within a modern African state. A story about race in Africa. A chronicle of the rise and fall of two improbable political allies who wanted to change Zambian politics: Michael Sata, whose convoluted political career led him to become president in 2011, and the author, Sata’s vice president and, after Sata’s death, acting president of Zambia. Not least, it is a pleasure to read. Guy Scott’s absorbing narrative of his career and Michael Sata’s in the chaotic world of African politics tells a uniquely Zambian story. But it is also a special contribution to our understanding of democracy and democratization across Africa.
A proud promoter of Zambian writers and publishers, Bookworld actively encourages and supports up and coming homegrown talent. Staying true to its identity, it is a longstanding member of the Booksellers Association of Zambia (BAZA). It is through this forum the company contributes to the development of education in Zambia as well as adhering to its famous motto 'Where Education is Our Priority'.
How you pay Bookworld Ltd provides a variety of trustworthy and secure online payment methods which clients can use: MTN Mobile Money Airtel Money VISA card transactions through Barclays Bank Direct bank transfer or cheque payments
Bookworld has shops based in two of the University of Zambia campuses, creating an accessible environment for Zambia's university students. The Ridgeway branch in particular specialises in medical books only. Every year a representative from the Library of Congress visits Bookworld to buy any new books published in Zambia.
Bookworld Zambia is happy to announce Sapiens: A brief history of humankind is now available in stock. The book takes us on a breath-taking ride through our entire human history, from its evolutionary roots to the age of capitalism and genetic engineering, to uncover why we are the way we are. Available now in a Bookworld store near you! For more information visit Bookworld today.
Bookworld Makeni Mall will soon be shifting to a new location at Cosmopolitan Mall Makeni! Keep up to date with on the grand opening as well giveaways at the new store through Bookworld's Facebook page!
Bookworld Zambia is happy to announce that Melissa & Doug 4-in-1 game rug is available in stock. The design incorporates four classic board games: Tic-Tac-Toe Checkers Nine Men's Morris Solitaire So there are lots of ways for kids to learn and play. The set includes 36 double-sided wooden play pieces in a mesh bag and detailed game instructions. The rectangular rug is woven from durable material that is machine washable. A skid-proof backing makes it safe for all floor surfaces, and a reinforced border binding prevents fraying. It's all fun and games with this playful activity rug! For more information visit your nearest Bookworld store today!
Bookworld Zambia is happy to announce that pool toys are available in stock like this Spark Shark Fish Hunt Toy. Speed like a hungry shark to gobble up tasty fish! Just grab onto the handle of a Spark Shark net and swim through the pool to scoop up the fishy sinkers. The set comes with two shark nets, six colourful sinkers and lots of play ideas for races, games and more! For more information visit your nearest Bookworld store today!
Bookworld Zambia is happy to announce they have a range of Melissa & Doug toys for young children available in stock, including: Magnetic Car Loader (3-6 years) - Pictured This big red rig has a magnetic arm that can reach every car on its trailer! Car and truck-loving kids will love discovering endless play possibilities as they roll this wooden truck toy all around the house and to the ends of their imaginations. Farm Animals Jigsaw Puzzles in a box (3-6 years) Set includes four wooden, 12-piece farm animal jigsaw puzzles-a hen and her chick, cow, a pig, and a horse-- each stored in a separate compartment of a sturdy wooden box! The slide-on box lid doubles as a convenient puzzle board! Each puzzle piece is shape-coded on the back for easy sorting. Great for travel! For more information visit your nearest Bookworld store.
Bookworld Zambia is happy to announce they have a range of Melissa & Doug toys for toddlers available in stock, including: Pound-a-Peg Classic Toy (2 - 4 years) Pound the eight colourful wooden pegs into the wooden frame, then flip it over to repeat the activity again and again! Included are a wooden hammer and four pairs of pegs--great for colour matching. Toolbox Fill and Spill (18+ Months) - Pictured Even the littlest builder needs the proper tools! Here is a handy plush toolbox with a "ruler" handle. The nine-piece set includes a hammer, screwdriver, saw, nails, screws, blocks and a drill that vibrates. Constructed of high quality fabrics and pthalate-free plastic, this durable set will provide hours of spilling, filling and building fun. Pretty Purse Fill and Spill (18+ Months) Everything necessary for kids on the go fits into this pretty purse! The soft play set includes a cell phone that chimes, a key ring with keys, a change purse with coins, and a compact with a child-safe mirror. Everything is easily removed and replaced into a charming pink purse with a purple handle. Constructed of high-quality fabrics and plastic, this durable set will provide hours of pretend play fun! For more information visit your nearest Bookworld store.
Did you know that Mondi Rotatrim Paper is available in all Bookworld's stores nationwide?Contact their sales team for discounts on bulk orders!
Bookworld is excited to announce that children's costumes are available in stock. Dress the part with inspiring role play costume sets and realistic extras to bring make-believe worlds to life! Available in selected Bookworld stores nationwide. For more information visit your nearest store today.
Is your child a fan of Barbie? Bookworld has these books from as low as K20! Visit your nearest outlet to find out more.
Bookworld is excited to announce there are assorted art supplies available nationwide! Visit your nearest store today to find out what's in stock.
It's almost Easter and Bookworld Zambia is excited to announce that they have a range of adults and kids bibles available in stock. Visit your nearest Bookworld store to see the range of Christian books available.
The #1 New York Times Bestseller Principles by Ray Dalio is now available at Bookworld in Manda Hill. Ray Dalio, one of the world’s most successful investors and entrepreneurs, shares the unconventional principles that he’s developed, refined, and used over the past forty years to create unique results in both life and business—and which any person or organisation can adopt to help achieve their goals. If Bill Gates can learn from him then we sure can! Book price is K345 (Hard cover). For more information visit Bookworld at Manda hill today.
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