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Mama Africa Cash and Carry stocks a range of everyday items such as groceries, snack foods, confectionery, toiletries, soft drinks, magazines and newspapers. They also stock meat, fresh produce, dairy, canned, packaged goods, and household cleaners.
William Nyirenda & Company are a full-service law firm, providing comprehensive legal services. The philosophy of the firm is circumscribed by the standard principles of the legal profession as stipulated in the Solicitors Practice Rules, 1990 read together with the Legal Practitioners Act and the Law Association of Zambia Act.
The Kala Bay cruise is the most popular activity at Ndole Bay Lodge. You can view some game by the shoreline, throw in a fishing rod to try your luck and go for a short walk up the Kala Bay sand dune by the old Kasaba Bay Lodge which was a favorite spot of Kenneth Kaunda when he was president back in the 80's.
William Nyirenda & Company upholds loyalty to the client, to which effect it is its policy to avoid possible conflict of interest. Where a conflict of interest is apparent, the client is informed and representation declined when necessary. The use of their client's name in a promotion or for purposes of marketing is never done without express authority from the client. Where authority is granted, caution is exercised lest such client's interest be prejudiced.
William Nyirenda & Company is committed to providing excellent, qualitative, efficient and cost effective service to clients. They are dedicated to and acquit themselves well to the tasks and challenges that the present globalization of the legal process may present.
CP Engineering is one of the leading suppliers of tungsten carbide blanks for the mining industry. The company also supplies tungsten carbide metal cutting inserts, brazed turning tools, brazed boring tools, brazed threading tools and tool holders for the engineering industries.
Incorporated in 2013, Africanza Lodge and Restaurant is conveniently located in the suburb of Parklands in Kitwe, 5 minutes from the town centre and 2 minutes from Mukuba Mall. The lodge offers serene surroundings punctuated with lush trees and a restful mini garden in an elegant and mature setting. It also provides an ideal venue for your personal and business meetings, corporate functions and other private gatherings. The restaurant serves local and international cuisine.
Whether you are looking for an exclusive, refined and intimate indoor venue or a gorgeous outdoor garden setting, Sharai Resort & Gardens will cater for your every need with personalised attention at affordable prices. Their friendly, experienced staff will be happy to assist you in arranging a most memorable occasion.
Africanza Lodge and Restaurant values fresh ingredients, excellent preparation and presentation The lodge is committed to producing simple dishes using locally sourced ingredients.
Offers different meals and snacks for the busy. Our menu selection is professionally done to help you have a quick yet healthy meal. The restaurant also provides a wide range of soft drinks and juices to help seal your meal on a refreshing note.
Tri-Pump and Engineering has a dynamic spare parts team to ensure that supply to customers is prompt and efficient with an engineering team on hand to provide technical advice. The company's exceptional service reduces downtime hence enhancing the performance of its customers' outputs.
Adverts are creatively produced using top of the range radio audio production software with all the necessary sound effects, voice overs and music beds to give a product the up-market image it deserves.
William Nyirenda & Company provides services to clients far beyond the boundaries of the Copperbelt and the Republic of Zambia. They have aligned their practice with firms within the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States, and South Africa enabling them to offer an integrated service to its clients. Existing associations with other reputable firms within the country are also being reinforced for the maintenance of efficiency and better service delivery to its esteemed clientele.
Heritage Stone guarantees its customers completion of their projects on time, on budget, and to the highest levels of quality. Their experienced team of pavement makers can assist you in selecting the most appropriate pavers for your scheme.
The boiler shop is involved in fabrication of tanks, repairs and rebuilding axles, repairing dumper truck bodies, bulldozers and excavator buckets, customised containers, and other items as per drawings. Trolleys are also manufactured and distributed to other hardware stores.
The Sharai Resort & Gardens conference centre is able to house over 150 delegates depending on how the setup is done. Their facility has air conditioners, chairs, tables, executive seats, boardroom tables, adjustable lighting, chair and table decor, projector and WiFi connectivity.
This is a submersible pump that can be used to dewater construction sites, drain the most demanding mines and quarries, and remove water from tunneling projects. Submersible pumps supplied by Tri-Pump and Engineering ranges from compact, portable units for small drainage jobs to larger dewatering pumps for a variety of commercial and industrial applications where corrosion and abrasive conditions exist. A full range of hydraulic submersible pumps for general duty in dewatering, bypass, drainage, sewerage and sludge applications are available.
YAR FM presents a great opportunity for companies and individuals in and outside the Copperbelt to effectively advertise their goods and services.
Mama Africa Enterprises has well trained staff with vast knowledge on all products. The team of staff are always on hand to ensure they provide you with quality services.
Mama Africa Enterprise understands that moving over dimensional freight requires effective planning and organisation. Their team of staff are happy to work with you to consider the logistics options available to you and determine the best solution
With two options to choose from (diesel and electric), these are fully automated self-priming pumps used for temporary and permanent applications including dewatering and liquids transfer in the mining, construction, municipal and industrial sector. Godwin Pumps transformed the portable pumping industry with the introduction of the original automated self-priming Dri-Prime pump in 1970 which is not only reliable but comes fully equipped with non-clogging technology.
With more than 70 ethnic groups, Zambian culture is highly diverse. While cultures have many other universal traits, some have developed their own specific ways of carrying out or expressing them. If you are a Kitwe resident, get a better understanding of the Zambian culture by tuning into Your Anthem Radio (YAR 89.9 FM) on Mondays at 09:00 am. Non Kitwe residents can stream live by visiting the website below.
Heritage Stone hand crafts its products in fully pigmented high strength concrete. Its paving range has been created to help enhance the landscaping of both commercial and domestic projects. Products are available in various sizes, shapes, finishes. and comes with a wide range of accessories, such as decorative kerbs and garden walling.
You can stay at Sharai Resort for the best lodging so you can rest easy after your long trip. The lodge ensures you have a comfortable stay and their rooms have it all.

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