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In response to the COVID - 19 pandemic Taj Pamodzi have taken the decision to temporarily close from Thursday 26th March 2020 and plan to reopen as soon as it is practical and in accordance with government advice. Taj Pamodzi will provide further information via the website and social media platforms. The hotel team will be able to answer any queries you may have during this closure period and you can reach the team using the contact details below, Taj Pamodzi looks forward to welcoming you and their colleagues back in the coming months to; a hotel with the warmth and bigger smiles, grills and even more fire and their hearts filled with gratitude to be serving you all once again. Wishing all the staff, guests and partners a safe period at home.
The Retreat at Roma is open to making delivers to selected areas including Roma Park, Zambezi Road, Foxdale and Roma areas. Call in for your menu and make the order. Terms and conditions apply!
In conformity with government regulations. Corner Cafe will only serve their guests on takeaway and delivery basis. Corner Cafe have also decided to reduce the working hours 08:30 to 21:00. Effective Friday 27. 03. 20
Texila American University would like to inform and reassure its students and staff of its unwavering commitment to quality education in light of the Global Covid-19 epidemic. As you may be aware, everyone is at risk, therefore, precautionary measures should be taken, some of which will be uncomfortable. Students continue studying through remote learning As Texila American University, we have adhered to governments directive to ensure that our students are safe and learning from the comfort of their homes. We are doing this through online classes that are conducted by our dedicated faculty. We believe that despite the magnitude of the Corona Virus, we are well able to play our part in fighting its spread by restricting movement and social interactions on our campus grounds. We care deeply for our students and we are available to assist them continue with their studies remotely, even in such a difficult time. Texila American University initiated the online classes today, as per schedule. During the online lectures, faculty members are using virtual lab software like Microsoft’s 3D Anatomy for Medical Students, Acland’s Anatomy, Labstir, to demonstrate experiments. Physical Classes at Campus shall be commenced in due course as per the Government’s directive. Texila continues to invest in the Zambian education sector As Texila American University, we will not relent in our endeavor to invest in the education sector in Zambia and beyond. It is for this reason that we will utilize this time to further our plans for future expansion of our campus because we are still strong in our resolve to transform Africa’s health industry for the better. We believe that Africa has what it takes to fix the gap in health care delivery, and we count ourselves fortunate to be a catalyst to that reality. Adapting to Covid-19 The current Covid-19 global crisis has affected all of us. Nobody is certain about the impact it will cause on the world and Zambia as a nation. One thing for sure is that the economic impact has been felt as seen by the dwindling local exchange rate to foreign currencies. Some businesses have shut down and others have downsized in order to survive the harsh realities we are faced with as a nation and as the world at large. In response to MOH’s directives, Texila American University has taken steps to practice recommended hygiene methods amongst its employees. Awareness Talks have been conducted and Posters placed strategically. And employees are encouraged to maintain social distance. Going forward TAU will operate with minimum faculty members and staff essential to continue rendering online lectures and support to the students. We sincerely hope that our staff and students will see the broader perspective and understand that these measures come from a very difficult position that we find ourselves in. Together, we can fight the Corona Virus by playing our part, no matter how small.
In response to the statutory instruments issued by the Ministry of Health that were necessitated by COVID-19, ACCA Zambia reassured its stakeholders of a series of measures to support its members, students and partners. The Ministry instructed the closure of all learning institutions including all the ACCA Zambia Learning Partners. ACCA Zambia Country Head, Janice Matwi said “We realise this situation has already been disruptive to many across the globe and wanted to share what ACCA is doing to support all that are directly affected. We’re all in this together”. Mrs Matwi emphasised that ACCA in Zambia is currently operating within official guidelines to support its members as well as other stakeholders, and as far as possible continues business as usual. She highlighted that ACCA Zambia has numerous study resources available, plus many of its Approved Learning Partners are also offering online learning. Students are also encouraged to progress towards their ACCA qualification by completing our Ethics and Professional Skills Module (EPSM) under e-learning and takes around 20 hours to complete with a fully integrated assessment. Mrs Matwi highlighted the measures ACCA Zambia is taking. Launched a COVID-19 online resources hub – we’ve brought together some useful resources to help our stakeholders deal with the impacts and implications. We’ll be keeping this page updated: www.accaglobal.com/covid-19 Boosting online of CPD and webinars for members As per the advice issued by the Ministry of Health, all planned CPD events have now been postponed. New dates will be announced soon. ACCA Zambia decided to boost online learning support for students. https://www.accaglobal.com/gb/en/cam/coronavirus/students-covid19.htm ACCA Zambia working closely with all our learning partners to ensure the health and safety of our students and tutors. We’re encouraging learning partners to keep supporting students through online methods. The next exams are in June 2020, and they will also have computer-based exams (CBEs) on demand. But we’ll continue to monitor the situation very closely and will take any relevant measures in line with the advice of our partners and local agencies. ACCA Zambia will commit to alerting you if any major changes happen – by email, text and through myACCA. https://www.accaglobal.com/uk/en/news/2020/march/Exams-June2020.html ACCA Zambia have effected a temporary closure of their offices will be closed from the 25th of March 2020. For All ACCA Student and Tuition Provider Queries Please Call: Austin - 0965846620 email Austin.chirwa@accaglobal.com Hardy - 0965845967 email Hardy.choongo@accaglobal.com Wilbroad - 0967231283 For All ACCA Member and Employer Queries Please Call: Maambo - +260 965 845965 email Maambo.michelo@accaglobal.com Katongo - +260 965 195706 email Katongo.daka@accaglobal.com ACCA Zambia encourages all their stakeholders to please follow all the precautions prescribed by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health.
Help fight the Coronavirus pandemic with Konse's payment solution. To register on WhatsApp send Hello to +260 211 840008 or SMS Hello to 543 and follow instructions.
You’ve always wanted a D-MAX. 2020 is your year!! Action Auto is happy to Introduce the all-new automatic range in the HI-RIDE and X-RIDER 250 ranges! Starting from $36,330* VAT incl and from $29,200 duty-free. Visit Action Auto today and make a purchase. Terms and conditions apply!
Turtle Blinds is committed to providing only the best quality window covering solutions in Zambia. Place your order with at any of the Uniturtle depots and receive free installation on: Bamboo blinds Venetian blinds wooden blinds Vertical blinds Zebra blinds Awnings Carpet tiles Wall to wall carpets Turtle Blinds tailors the blinds according to the needs of the customer, so feel free to inquire and get custom measurements. A free quotation will be made according to your exact specifications.
Yashika Fashion Boutique provides an excellent service and does high-quality work on any kind of alterations or repairs. They can work with all fabrics, from soft, and stretchy material, to organic types of fabric, including leather and suede. Yashika Fashion Boutique takes pride in their work and make sure that clients are always satisfied with their garment’s alterations.
Water purification 1 Milton tablet purifies 25L of water. Leave for 10 minutes before drinking. Milton tablets purify water to make it safe to drink. They kill microorganisms in the water to prevent dysentery, diarrhoea, cholera and other water-borne diseases. Milton tablets kill bacteria, bacterial spores, cysts, algae, fungi, protozoa and virus and are especially lethal to Entamoeba Histolyca. Greywater What does Milton do to greywater? Milton sterilizes the grey water and will rid the Greywater of all bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores quickly and safely. Note: Although Milton Sterilizes the Grey Water for multiple uses around the household = it cannot be ingested, as there will be soap residue from previous shower/bath use. Use of greywater with Milton: Place 1 tablet of Milton to every 2 litres of Greywater (Leave for 30 minutes before using the solution, for the following uses: Mop floors Use in trigger spray for surfaces (Excl.kitchen), toilets, shower, bath mirrors, windows and surroundings Minimize smell of standing Greywater Flush toilets Cleaning of waste bins Minimize smell in toilet bowl: Pour 1 tablet of Milton fluid into the toilet bowl (a higher dose may be used if the odour is strong). Residents have been urged to avoid flushing toilets, as much as possible. This can begin to produce an unpleasant smell. The active ingredient in Milton aids to minimize urine odour, as well as killing all known germs including bacteria, fungi and viruses. Usage with just 4L of water: Place 2 tablets in a 4L bucket (Generic/MIlton bucket): Decant solution in trigger spray for disinfecting all surfaces (incl. Kitchen) and surrounding areas (floors, walls, windows etc.) Place used plastics water bottles in the bucket for 30 minutes to sterilize Soak teacups till stains have disappeared Place used kitchen cloths in the bucket, to sterilize Use leftover Milton solution to mop floors Leave mop in the bucket for 30 minutes to sterilize Note: Make a solution every 24 hours Salad and vegetable washing: Add 1 tablet of Milton to 10 litres of water. Submerge the fruit and vegetables in the solution for 15 minutes. This will not only ensure your fruits and vegetables are clean but help them last longer.
Zambia's highest saving, longest-lasting NO. 1 stove with 2 - year warranty. Wholesale price ZMK390 Benefits: Saves money and charcoal Emits 64% less smoke Lights fast and easily Features Non - slip stands grip all sufurias High-temperature insulation keeps the fire hot for fast and smoke - free cooking Easy - to - use ashtray controls heat and keeps your kitchen clean Call Dynamax Distribution Ltd today!
Remember to practice good health and hygiene. Visit Poundstretcher Zambia Ltd to purchase hand sanitizers, gloves and masks in stock.
Accommodation package Single room $100.00 / K1550 bed and breakfast Double room $110.00/ K1,705 based on two people sharing Family room 160. 00 / K2,480 2 adults and 2 children below 12yrs Easter Sunday lunch buffet K250 Rates valid from 10th to 13th April 2020 prepayment required.
Decorative plaster cement binder manufactured with various additives and mineral fillers. It is designed for application of the wall layer of decorative facades of building. Specification Decorative plaster can be applied on surfaces from concrete, brick and plastered bases and also for facade thermal insulation systems. *Decorative plaster is suitable for both interior and exterior use.
Following the directive from the Ministry of Health today, Chengelo School will be closing on Friday 20th March 2020. Parents and guardians, please visit the school website and check your email for the latest information from the school.
Business continues in view of the ongoing construction, please be informed that Mulungushi International Conference Centre remain fully operational for events and lunch. Call Mulungushi International Conference Centre to make a booking today.
By using Penmarks Ltd's full color, high-quality printing technology allows them to provide you with business cards that all of your employees will be proud to give out. Penmarks Ltd offers a wide variety of designs, colors, paper stocks, and finishes that will surely fit your needs. Single side print K180 per PKT Double-sided print K235 per PKT
Are you struggling to pass your secondary Maths exam? Are you writing your Maths exams in near future? Please, don’t waste your time. Springfields School of Education are starting a Maths Clinic every Saturday from 21 st March 2020 from 09:00hrs to 12:00hrs. Bring along your Maths problems and get some help.
Save 50% of the cost when you rent as opposed to buying without compromising quality Have instant access to IT Reduce the total cost of ownership over the years Leave maintenance and upgrade problems to Qrent The equipment is fully insured Qrent provide back up machines, no downtime Technical and warranty support throughout the rental term Qrent free you from the hustles of disposals and loss of equipment
Meru Force 1 Lubricant products are high-quality Lubricants specifically formulated to meet and exceed the most stringent performance standards and applications ranging from light-duty vehicles and passenger cars to heavy-duty trucks, buses and off-road utilities, and industrial equipment. Available in all Mount Meru Gas/fuel filling stations and also at auto retail shops.
Following Lusaka IVF and Fertility Clinic's launch of the campaign against Infertility-related stigma in 2019, they have received numerous queries about the success rates at their two facilities in Kitwe and Lusaka. Join their executive director, Dr Edward Tamale Sali, as he now shares with us on this important subject: Dr Edward Tamale Sali says since they started, they are approaching about 700 babies born in less than, effectively, 5 years. Their average success rate is about 40-50%. It is important to point out that this treatment is not 100%. Even the best clinics in the world, success rates are around 50%. Also, remember that natural conception success rate is less than 30% per cycle. When this treatment does not work for you the first time, the doctors will try to establish the likely cause and advise you a way forward.
Liquid Telecom has partnered with Atlasmara to make #LiquidData top-ups easier for you! Download the Tenga App today and use your account (MSISDN) number to recharge your account at your convenience.
Thankfully, these days, ‘shooting wildlife’ has taken on a new meaning with conservation more central to wildlife activities in Africa. This is about shooting stunning imagery of African wildlife and landscapes. This is about learning photographic skills you can apply when you go home. This is a tailored small group safari experience that will leave you with awesome memories, knowledge and experiences. This is the up and coming Zambia in Style photographic safari with wildlife photographer Robin Bruyn. Could it be time for you to grab your passport and your camera for your next adventure? What could be more satisfying than seeing wildlife in its natural habitat and having the opportunity to pursue your interest in photography? Except this safari takes it up a notch — you also get photography tuition and the skilled guidance of Robin Bruyn throughout the 9-day safari! This experience will be so much more than you trying your luck with lighting, angles, compositions and shutter speeds. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from an expert who has spent over a decade working in the conservation, film and photography industry in Africa. You’ll be learning from a professional photographer, photographic guide and photographic instructor. This will be an immersive, meaningful and extraordinary experience. Tour overview Tour length: 9 days Provisional dates: 14 to 22 May 2020 and 11 to 19 October 2020 Prices: From $4,750. Please contact Zambia in Style on info@malawianstyle.com for more details. What’s included Photographic course All accommodation All meals (except at Kumbali which is on a dinner, bed and breakfast basis for your one night stay) Local drinks at Chikunto only Park fees Road transfers and flights from Lilongwe to Mfuwe (South Luangwa) and Mfuwe to Lusaka at the end of the tour Game activities Photographic Safari Itinerary Mvuu Camp, Malawi Mvuu Camp offers a spectacular vantage point along the Shire River. 14 spacious stone and canvas chalets and family tents dot the landscape. The thatched dining and lounge area looks out onto a magnificent river vista. Day 1 Mvuu Camp, Liwonde National Park You will arrive at Lilongwe Airport and transfer to Mvuu Camp, Liwonde National Park, by your Zambia In Style guide. Enjoy some relaxation time before your afternoon game drive. Day 2–3 Mvuu Camp The course begins! Three lectures will take place after the morning game drives or before the afternoon game drives. The game drives give you an opportunity to practice the theory with Robin by your side to guide you. 1. Beginners Secrets to Photography — this course covers the most vital and basic elements of digital photography. You will learn a variety of important aspects including what Shutter, Aperture and ISO mean and what their functions are. You’ll learn how to achieve an accurate exposure using the Lightmeter, and a few secrets on how to achieve great photographs without overcomplicating your photographic experience. 2. Accurate Exposures and the Living Light — further explore the world of achieving more accurate exposures through a deeper understanding of Light and the effects of Shutter, Aperture and ISO in Manual Mode. We also look at understanding contrast, choosing different light settings on your digital camera, and selecting your exposure more accurately using the Lightmeter. 3. The Nature of Composition — Look at several of the most common compositional rules in photography. No cameras needed, this course is pure theory and will change the way you read your next photographic moment. Kumbali Country Lodge, Lilongwe, Malawi Enjoy the wonders of this nature reserve and lodge. A tranquil alternative to a Malawi hotel, this lodge has been chosen so you can have a peaceful day after the photography tuition at Mvuu Camp and before you travel to Zambia. Day 4 Kumbali Country Lodge, Lilongwe Back to Lilongwe today where you will be staying a night at Kumbali Country Lodge for some rest and relaxation before heading to Zambia. Here you can roam around their beautiful gardens and test out what you have learnt so far! Chikunto Lodge, South Luangwa Renowned for its surviving wildlife species and breathtaking scenery and game viewing right from its sweeping terrace and your doorstep. This is an idyllic location to practice everything you have learnt and capture amazing close up shots of Zambia’s wildlife and its magnificent landscapes. Day 5–8 Chikunto Lodge, South Luangwa Transfer to Lilongwe Airport and catch your flight to Mfuwe Airport where you will be transferred to Chikunto Lodge. Here the Wildlife Photography course will be taught in situ during game drives. Day 9 homeward bound Transfer back to Mfuwe airport to catch your flight to Lusaka. End of tour. What to bring? Camera — any brand as long as it has a manual mode option Battery charger with a universal adapter plug and a minimum of two batteries Lenses — wide (12–75 range) and telephoto (100–400 range), preferably one of each, with lens hoods. If you are in the market to buy a lens before the safari contact Zambia In Style if you would like some advice. A minimum of 3 memory cards Camera bag Tripod/monopod or bean bag for stability Dust cloth and lens pen for general cleaning A small towel to cover and protect the camera from direct sun and dust while in motion on safari Camera strap for walking safaris Note pad and pen (Robin will supply lecture notes) Please ensure your gear is insured
Healthy eating: Springfields Primary School celebrated Health Week. The school hosted a Healthy Salad Competition among all grades and the kids made a variety of salads from sprouts salad to Persian salad to fruit salad and many more that were all very healthy and tempting. The winner was Grade 5 with their Vegetarian Salad. Valentine’s creativity: The kids learnt how to make appreciation cards for their parents on Valentine's day cards. Painting with okra: The little ones discovered the joy of painting with Okra!

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