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Garant Zambia provides decorative wall panels that give an extra dimension to your walls and compliment just about any room in the house. The wall panels are used for residential and commercial projects such as hotels, office lobbies, retail outlets, restaurants, trade show exhibitions and more. Garant Zambia are dedicated to helping property owners enhance the aesthetic appeal of their buildings.
Control the sun and rain on your veranda whilst maintaining your view of your garden. Visit Shade Control for quality installation of roll down Sheerweave and awnings. Their product lines include well known and high-quality brands in a variety of materials, types, and size ranges, generally required for residential and commercial applications. Shade Control is happy to create your outdoor space to fit your lifestyle. Call today and explore their vast selection of exterior roll up blinds.
Motorcycle rain gear is important to have so you can ride regularly and not get drenched in a downpour. Pilson Motors hold a large variety of waterproof clothing ranging from 1 and 2 piece motorcycle rain suits to waterproof motorcycle jackets and trousers. Now you can ensure you're prepared to ride no matter what the weather. Motorcycle rain wear can be worn on top of your motorcycle clothing so you’ll be protected from the rain and be safe on the road. Visit Pilson Motors today!
If you continue to use Windows 7 after support has ended, your PC will still work but Microsoft will no longer provide technical support, software updates and security updates for your business. As a result, the PC’s in your environment will become more vulnerable to security risks and viruses. To upgrade to Windows 10, Microsoft recommends using Windows 10 on a new PC to take advantage of the latest features and security improvements. This recommendation, however, does come with a high-cost implication. How can a business invest in an entire operating system shift without carrying too heavy a financial burden? The answer lies in renting. Renting the latest models from the ones you currently have in your environment is a cost-effective solution to equip your entire organisation with upgraded machines. Not only do you get newer machines, but the rental provider can also provide machines that are already pre-installed with the Window 10 operating system. Renting IT equipment from leading rental companies like Qrent, is an economical way to obtain the technology you need at a fraction of the up-front cost. Businesses can also budget accordingly, as payments are spread evenly over the rental period.
All forty 2019 Grade 9 students who sat the examinations, save for one with missing results, obtained full certificates with no child getting below 300 / 600 or 50%. The learner's scores averaged 412/600 or 70% with the highest score scoring 498/600 or 83% Congratulations to all the 2019 ninth graders for a job well done. You have great potential to reach higher heights.
Shahid Investments Ltd offers complete 3D design work of your sign, or if you have an idea they can help guide you with professional layouts and advice on the most economical use of materials to suit. Make your brand stand out, there’s no better option than 3D fabrication adding a whole new dimension and dynamic factor to your signage and to your branding.
2020 is just another superB year! Say no more to poor logistics and delivery services. You can always count on Bikolinah Logistics to provide the most efficient and reliable courier services and solutions for your personal or business needs. Bikolinah Logistics’s domestic courier services will provide the perfect delivery solution for you with various delivery time frames.
Dr. Ng’andu said this during the commemoration of Tomorrow Investments Limited’s 30 year anniversary cocktail held at the Radisson Blue Hotel in Lusaka. Tomorrow Investments Limited an entity that has existed in the local construction sector for the past three decades is a wholly owned Zambian firm. The Minister commended Tomorrow Investments Ltd for having existed in business for that long and setting an example for other local entities in business. And Tomorrow Investments Limited Managing Director Chanda Katotobwe has appealed to government to give confidence to local enterprises. Mr. Katotobwe who is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the firm said local contractors have the capacity to fully handle major construction projects if given an opportunity to do so. And Dr. Chabota Kaliba, a product of Tomorrow Investments Limited hall of fame, shared how he started out as a student engineering intern at the construction firm where he learnt the ropes that led to him becoming a successful engineer. National Council for Construction (NCC) Executive Director Mathew Ngulube congratulated Tomorrow Investments Ltd for attaining 30 years. The cocktail was sponsored by Bengwave Investments a local construction firm run by Engineer Paul Malambo.
Thinking about adopting a four-legged friend? Lusaka Animal Welfare Society has a dog for everyone. Whether you need a small, calm, companion dog, or a more high-energy puppy to play with your kids, they will match you with the perfect dog for your family. Every rescued animal is given all necessary treatment to ensure that it is in good health before it is re-homed. To learn more about the adoption process, call Lusaka Animal Welfare Society today!
To close the school academic year American International School of Lusaka held an art exhibition for their students. It was a great opportunity to learn more about the children’s inspiration, ideas and thought processes behind the art they’ve created! The Middle Years Programme (MYP) Art Exhibition explored the impact of plastic in Grade 10. Students created artwork using waste. Grade 9 created portraits. Grade 7 and 8 had been learning basic drawing skills and face painting and Grade 6 created artworks in the style of Romare Bearden. AISL aims to help students become independent and self - motivated learners while developing their thinking and research skills in the real-world - situations.
The ACCA qualification equips you with the versatility to work in any environment. Not only will be sought after by global employers, but you will also be positioned to be the strategic business leader every business needs. Locally, ACCA is rated by the Zambia Qualifications Authority (ZQA) at Master's Degree level. Registration for January is now open. Take advantage of ACCA's discounted January rates. Sign up today to get ahead!
With a new consignment of cMax 12V Lead Carbon Batteries and eMAX Inverters now in stock, you can order your high performance solar equipment today. Get in touch for information and pricing on any of our products.
Without having to leave the comfort of your home, Penmarks Ltd now gives you the opportunity to shop for selected stationery items online using the AfriDelivery or Tigmoo - Zambia's No. 1 Online Retailer. Shopping on this platform is safe and all products listed are sourced from reputable manufacturers and distributors. Once you place an order, you are guaranteed swift home delivery. Visit their e-store link below and get shopping today:
African Joy manufactures a wide range of quality products, selling mainly at local handicraft and curio markets. Their product range includes home furnishings, interior decor, hand bags and ethnic jewellery. From the bedroom to the kitchen, African Joy's collection is diverse and there is something special for every home!
Come on down for a corporate night! A great way for team-building, and fostering relationships within the workplace! Get a group of friends or colleagues together for a fun morning, afternoon or evening of great cooking. Learn to perfect basic techniques or acquire new skills in our safe, professional environment assisted by experienced staff. Share some wine, laughs and the meal you have prepared for a team building experience with a difference.
Thinking about selling your jewelry? Jewel Of Africa buys mined gold, processed and used gold jewelry at competitive prices. Please note that they do not buy gems. How the gold buying process works. The test your gold They weigh the gold by the gram Thirdly they present you with the highest price in the market and you have the option to accept or deny.
Heritage Home Construction Ltd is offering a 3 bedroom house to let in Lilayi. The house features 2 bathrooms with modern fittings, lounge, dining area and kitchen. Contact Heritage Home Construction Ltd today for a viewing.
Afrivet Zambia is a one-stop shop for farmers, providing animal health products, agricultural chemicals and environmental health care products. Tagging your livestock Tagging your livestock with an individual identification (such as a unique ear tag number) has many management and production benefits. Not only will you be able to quickly verify which animal you are working with, you’ll also be able to locate their record in your record keeping system. FutaSpray An antibacterial and fungal wound spray with gentian violet for a range of farm animals. Internal Parasite Remedies Ecomectin offers a broad range of parasite remedies for cattle, sheep and pigs Cattle Treat roundworms, Parafilaria Bovicola (false bruising) and Thelazia (eye worm) Kill sucking and biting lice, mange mites, cattle screw-worms, Control blue ticks and sand tampans Sheep Treatment roundworms Kill sheep scab mites Control all stages of Australian itch mites and nasal worm Pigs Kills mange mites Contact them today for your animal health solutions.
If improving your health is on your New Year's resolution list, would you believe us if we told you it could be as easy as taking a few Moringa capsules a day? Moringa has a host of health benefits including: 1. Well being Immune system, energy, mental, antioxidant, breast milk 2. Healing Blood pressure, sugar levels, anti-inflammatory, joint pain, liver function 3. Beauty Hair and skin, anti-ageing, clear vision, eye health 4. Weight management Weight loss, muscle recovery, muscle growth So, a few capsules will go a really long way... Try it - you will see the benefits almost immediately!
British International Primary School works hard to host all kinds of educational events for their students. They hosted Bach in the Street all the way from Sweden to close the year 2019. The event offered interesting learning opportunities for kids to explore through drama and art. The combination of street dance and classical music was an eye opener. Modern dance performed to classical music was a great way of introducing classical music to young children because they identified with dance moves like flossing! If you’re looking for a school that will inspire, stimulate and educate the young minds of your children then find out more today!
Planning events for 2020? Did you know Mint Lounge could be your partner for office catering? They can prepare and deliver a wide selection of hot meals and snacks for your corporate functions, business meetings, office lunches, parties and more. Whether you want to serve 5, 10 or 50 people, Mint Lounge has you covered. And if you want to take people out, then you can have your event at the Mint Lounge Cafe. Call them today to find out more!
It’s the new year and you want to live a healthier life right? Visit Mint Active for a wide selection of natural healthy meals and beverages. Their food is all natural, local, non-GMO, organic and is prepared with love! Mint Active is your place for delicious meals without sacrificing healthy eating. Because at Mint Active, healthy food is delicious! To make a reservation, call them today!
The Retreat at Roma prides itself on quality food and service. A friendly team awaits to take care of your brunch, lunch or dinner. Did you know you can have The Retreat experience at a location of your choice? Yep! Outside catering by The Retreat team is an option. This 2020 The Retreat team are looking forward to welcoming old friends and new, and offering continued consistent high levels of service. To make a reservation, call them today!
As you start the new year, remember Rhapsody’s has you covered with their weekly specials! Join Rhapsody's for offers such as Business Lunches, Ladies Nights, Jazz and Kids Fun Sunday, as well as daily platter deals! Business Lunches, K100 From 11-3, Monday to Friday Choose from 4 menu items One free drink - Mosi, Castle, or House Wine Ladies Night, free wine From 5 till close on a Wednesday Get a platter for 4 or more and get a bottle of House Wine for free Usually has live bands playing Jazz & Kids Fun Sunday, great value + fun From 4-7 2 course Sunday lunch for K150 and K75 for kids OR pimms and pizza for K200 Jumping castle and playground for the youngsters Live jazz band Daily deals Platter for 1, K75 Platter for 5-6, K406 Corporate function buffets for 30 or more, from K170 per person To make a reservation, call them today!

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