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Get up to 15% off engagement and wedding rings

If you are searching for best deals on engagement rings and wedding rings, look no further! Bobbili Gems are giving out promotional discounts on their wedding rings and engagement rings.

At Bobbili Gems will find plenty of stylish and stunning options for low cost engagement rings and wedding bands without compromising on quality or looks.

Price / Discount / Deal
Gold rings 10% discount, silver 15% discount
Arcades Shopping Centre, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 964 912545, +260 955 630987
Get up to 15% off engagement and wedding rings
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Bobbili Gems
Bobbili Gems
Exotic jewellery
Established in 2001, Bobbili Gems specialises in exotic jewellery made from Zambian semi-precious stones, gold and silver. Their collection consists of wedding rings, designer jewellery, collector's gems and jewellery, diamond jewellery, costume jewellery as well as faceted stones. Bobbili Gems believes that keeping their prices as low as possible and giving the best service is what makes their jewellery most sought after. Allow Bobbili to share the greatest moments of your life!
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