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Are you building or renovating and starting your ceiling? Look no further than Zambezi Steel for your Ceiling Grid supplies. Perfectly Straight, High Strength Steel, Environmentally Friendly and available locally.
Zambezi Roofing and Steel stocks complete palisade fencing in a variety of spike designs including 3-spike, 7-spike and Flat top, with options of designs. 3m Panel x 1.5m height K1, 020 3m Panel x 1.8m height K1, 160 3m Panel x 2.1m height K1, 455 3m Panel x 2.4m height K1, 600 All prices are VAT inclusive and subject to change without prior notice. Manufactured in Zambia Available in Concave and Convex designs Available in sliding gates Tailor-made solutions available
The month of love brings out the best in Zambezi Roofing and Steel. Lowest prices guaranteed. Come in and take advantage of their glorious specials and they promise you that you will "love" their service. 2450 X 1225 X 0.6 mm = K180/ea 2450 X 1225 X 2mm = K550/ea 0.35 Kalahari Red Roof sheet = K49/m 0.35 Azure Blue Roof sheet = K49/m 203 X 122 X 25.1 U Beam = K4, 616/13m T & C's apply, cash only, valid until COB.
0.5mm Fish Eagle White Chromadek - K73/m 0.5mm Azure Blue Chromadek - K73/m 0.5 mm Charcoal Grey Chromadek - K73/m 0.5 mm Kalahari Red Chromadek - K73/m Universal Beam 254 x 146 x 31,1Kgm - K385/m Universal Beam 254 x 146 x 37Kgm - K500/m Universal Beam 305 x 102 x 24,8Kgm - K335/m IPE AA 200 x 100 x 17.95Kgm - K229/m IPE AA 180 x 91 x 14.94Kgm - K191/m IPE AA 160 x 82 x 12.32Kgm - K157/m IPE AA 120 x 64 x 8.36Kgm - K107/m IPE AA 100 x 55 x 6.72Kgm - K86/m 25 x 25 x 3 Angle - K11.5/m 30 x 30 x 3 Angle - K14.2/m 40 x 40 x 3 Angle - K20/m 40 x 40 x 5 Angle - K32/m 50 x 50 x 5 Angle - K40/m Vat inclusive, subject to stock availability - cash only
This weeks special: AfriRoof 0,35mm Azure Blue and Traffic Green K50 per Metre including VAT. Whilst stock lasts, E&OE.
Get free design work and a 10% discount off the total price for all orders taken and paid in full. Free roof design service for all LSF - Light Steel Frame®™. Subject to terms and conditions.
Ask for proof that you are buying Chromadek by Arcelor Mittal and protect your investments with a quality product. A world class product backed by a world class manufacturers warranty. Sold in Zambia by Zambezi Roofing and Steel don't gamble with your roofing materials. 0,35mm AfriRoof at ZMW43/m 0,40mm Galvanised at ZMW53/m 0,40mm Chromadek at ZMW68/m 0,50mm Galvanised at ZMW67/m 0,50mm Chromadek at ZMW87/m All purchases over ZMW8,000 will receive free transport within Lusaka. Vat inclusive, cash only, Terms and Conditions apply.
Universal Beam 203 x 133 x 25,1 x 13m - ZMW4,490 Universal Beam 254 x 146 x 31,1 x 13m -ZMW5,565 Flat Bar 100 x 10 x 6m - ZMW710 Flat Bar 130 x 12 x 6m - ZMW1,110 Flat Bar 150 x 12 x 6m - ZMW1,280 Flat Bar 200 x 12 x 6m - ZMW1,705 IPE AA 100 x 50 x 13m - ZMW995 IPE AA 140 x 73x 13m - ZMW1,485 IPE AA 180 x 91 x 13m - ZMW 2,210 76 x 38 Channel Iron x 6m - ZMW450 100 x 50 Channel Iron x 6m - ZMW590 127 x 64 Channel Iron x 6m - ZMW1,000 152 x 76 Channel Iron x 6m - ZMW1,200 All prices are VAT inclusive and subject to availability at time of order. Cash only, valid until 30th September 2018.
2450 x 1255 x 1.2mm Cold Rolled Sheet ZMW320 0.35mm Afriroof Charcoal Grey ZMW45 per metre 0.35mm Afriroof Traffic Green ZMW45 per metre 25 x 25 x 3 Angle ZMW71 per length 30 x 30 x 3 Angle ZMW86.60 per length Y10 Rebar ZMW73.00 per length Y12 Rebar ZMW105 per length Y16 Rebar ZMW187 per length Y20 Rebar ZMW292 per length All prices are VAT inclusive and subject to availability at time of order. Cash only, valid until 30th September 2018.
Friday is Braai day at Zambezi Roofing. Buy any steel worth K200 or more and receive a free boerewors roll. Zambezi roofing also has limited special offers for many steel items in store so pop in and you will get a great deal on steel.
Zambezi Roofing and Steel is offering amazing discounts on Palisade Fencing, get yours now with this superb pricing whilst stock lasts. See image below for details. For more information contact Zambezi Roofing and Steel.
A comprehensive range of certified steel including universal beams and columns, IPE and IPE AA and angle irons. See below for special offer details
Zambezi Roofing has special prices on metal sheets until the end of May. See image below for sizes and prices. All prices are VAT inclusive and subject to availability at the time of order. For more information contact Zambezi Roofing.

Special offers in Zambia by Zambezi Roofing and Steel