Electronic payment systems

With 543 Konse Konse, merchants, customers and dealers can purchase electronic vouchers through a wide range of distribution channels including point of sale terminals ('543 Konse Konse Machine'), mobile (*543#) and online (http://543.cgrate.co.zm). The company has also introduced 'Cash Out'!
  • Make payments and settle bills electronically, saving time
  • Partnerships with major service providers
  • Business opportunity for merchants
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Cash out 543 has introduced 'Cash Out', an exciting product that allows customers to do the following from their bank accounts:

  • Withdraw funds
  • Send funds
  • Pay for goods in-store and
  • Buy goods online

This product allows customers to withdraw funds from their bank accounts through the 543-network available in all provinces. In addition to withdrawing funds, customers can also send money, and pay for goods both in store and online. All these options are available via the customer's mobile banking menu, all a customer must do is select 543 Cash Out and they will have access to their funds through 543. This is a card-less transaction that allows customers have access to their bank accounts from more touch points. A Cash out code can be generated from any banking option, i.e. Mobile Banking or Online Banking. Customers can Cash Out from any 543 points (Konse Konse machine or USSD merchant). The 543 model promotes financial inclusion for the everyday person with the availability of many withdrawal options. Product benefitsFor the merchant

  • Customer retention
  • Less cash kept on premises which reduces risks of theft
  • Funds are kept in the financial system which helps in paying suppliers
  • Reduced CIT fees and security fees
  • Reduced cash deposit charges
  • Reduced insurance for cash on premises
  • Merchant EVD stock purchases are streamlined which will mean no visits to the bank or 543 outlets to buy EVD stock
  • New line of revenue from cash withdrawals

For the customer

  • Withdrawal options available closer to home
  • Withdrawal options not as intimidating as ATMs
  • Contact less payments
  • Card-less transactions
  • A wider coverage of POS machines for POS purchases
  • Availability of POS machines will result in less cash holding reducing the risk of keeping cash
  • Seamless and card-less payments online

Other distribution channels:

  • Mobile banking through key partnerships with financial institutions
  • System to system integration via web-services
  • Till systems through existing relationships with prominent retailers

Current services on board include pin and pinless airtime for Airtel, MTN and Zamtel; ZESCO, DStv, and GOtv bill payments, Madison Life Tilitonse Insurance bill payments and iConnect iSpot and iBundles. 543 Konse Konse machine Sell Airtime for all networks i.e. through pins (Pin-Top up) or by sending direct to the mobile phone (direct-top-up) through the Konse Konse machine. The Konse Konse machine is equipped with two SIM slots for redundancy and doesn't require data to process transactions. There is no need to constantly recharge the SIM cards. Sell airtime and pay bills through *543# Distribute airtime and pay for bills using any handset through *543#. Order stock, view latest sales and reconcile using *543# (for all 543 channels). Distribute airtime and pay bills online Distribute airtime and pay bills to multiple recipients within minutes online – 5000 recipients in under 10 minutes. The 543 Konse Konse free online service will also allow you to distribute staff airtime allowances. Aggregation of airtime and bill payments Integrate your existing channels into 543 to distribute airtime and bill payments. Integration can be done through pre-defined web services or custom built application programming interfaces (APIs). Channels that can integrate include till systems, internet banking, ATMs, and mobile banking. Advantages of the Konse Konse machine over scratch cards – The Konse Konse machine has options to vend a wide range of vouchers from prepaid airtime and TV to prepaid electricity, internet and other bill payments. – With the Konse Konse machine, airtime can be sent directly to the receiving phone without having to enter a pin. – Better stock management: there is no need to keep track of specific stock denominations. With the Konse Konse machine one block amount covers all denominations. Merchants are able to sell any denomination as longer as there is enough credit in the 543 account. – Stock can be loaded within minutes as compared to someone physically delivering scratch cards. – Sales through the Konse Konse machine can be easily tracked as compared to sales through scratch cards. Some unscrupulous cashiers may sell their own cards pretending they belong to shop owners. The 543 terminal puts a stop to this. Benefits for merchants

  • Access accounts via mobile, online or POS terminal
  • Track sales online
  • Multiple cashiers can sell from the same 543 account and sales can be easily reconciled
  • One block amount covers all service providers and denominations
  • Merchants can make use of the company's pay point facilities
  • Merchants can pay for stock, request for POS paper and receive support from any Konse Konse pay point

Other addresses

  • Kitwe pay point: Shop 4, Ebeneza Complex, Independence Avenue, Tel: 0212 251444
  • Kalingalinga pay point: Plot No. 159/29, Alick Nkhata Road (Next to Super market , Tel: 0211 848043
  • Chilenje pay point: Plot 50/07 Kasama Road, (Next to African Braai), 0211847972
  • Ben Bella pay point: Engen Ben Bella Service Station, 0211847788
  • Matero pay point: Maranatha Multiplex Stand No. 2 Commonwealth Road, 0211 848090

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