New cars

This company has an enviable record of motor vehicle sales and offers excellent after sale services. With a three year or up to 100,000 kilometres warranty on every brand new vehicle purchased from the company, Action Auto is serious about going a step further to ensure its customers get the best service available.
  • Isuzu KB Single, Extended and Double Cabs
  • Chevrolet Utility, Sedans and SUVs
  • Isuzu Trucks
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Isuzu Action Auto is the sole distributor of the Isuzu KB Pick-Up. For 30 years Isuzu has been building pick-ups that are tough, durable and reliable. With innovative D-TEQ diesel technology and legendary comfort you can always depend on Isuzu, whether roughing it or on your way to a business engagement. When Isuzu makes a promise, it delivers! With more power, more choice and more legendary comfort, the Isuzu KB is the pick-up that's been designed and engineered to deliver each time you're behind the wheel. In fact, with D-TEQ engines, and a wide range to choose from in the Single, Extended and Double Cab range you have everything you need – on and off the road. Isuzu KB Single Cab Best pick-up for your business. A true workhorse, the all-new Isuzu KB Single Cab is up for any job 24/7. It's the leader in its class when it comes to reliability and toughness. This Pick-up is a match for any load, road or challenge, maintaining a fine balance between carrying capacity and comfortable handling. Isuzu KB Extended Cab The Isuzu KB Extended Cab balances the benefits of the Single Cab and the Double Cab. Now with four doors instead of two, allowing for easier access to any items stored behind the seats, the Isuzu KB Extended Cab is the ideal pick-up for small and medium businesses, especially within the field of mining, manufacturing, maintenance and repairs as well as spares and supplies. Isuzu KB Double Cab Whether tackling off-road terrain or city slicking, the all new Isuzu KB Double Cab delivers, whether for business or leisure. Proving that a reliable ride can be comfortable too, the Isuzu KB Double Cab is as spacious as it is hard-working. Passengers can look forward to the KB's legendary ride comfort, spacious rear seating and expanded rear entry and exit areas. Chevrolet The Chevrolet brands are driven towards innovation. Towards finding new ways to make your Chevrolet experience even more rewarding. This is what inspires Chevrolet to create vehicles that are exciting to drive and equally exciting to look at. It's what pushes Chevrolet beyond the ordinary, towards the extraordinary. To produce world-class, reliable, affordable innovative Passenger vehicles for Africa. From Mini Pick-Ups to Sedans and Station Wagons, wherever you want to go, let the Chevrolet value commitment make it happen. Utility Famously known under the Opel Corsa Brand, the 3rd-generation Utility pick-up has a look that is instantly recognisable as Chevrolet – but with a new global design language. This cost-effective, 743 kg Payload, offers outstanding performance and fuel economy, superior convenience, class-leading infotainment package and enhanced safety features. Throw in some robust working-class characteristics and you'll find that this is a small pick-up is not afraid to roll up its sleeves, get down in the dirt and get it done! Spark For youthful and vibrant Africans, Spark is the stylish and modern accessory to everyday life. It is the ultimate city car offering the very latest in safety, power and affordability. Aveo A dependable business fleet vehicle, the Aveo delivers good handling, low running costs, efficient engines, and value for money options. Sonic For mature youth who are socially connected, the Sonic delivers dynamic handling, low running costs, efficient engines, ultra-modern interior design and the latest generation safety systems. An affordable yet modern city runabout. Cruze For the business manager demanding style and functionality, the Cruze is the benchmark with the latest generation Chevrolet design. Designed for proud but value conscious people seeking well equipped, stylish and spacious vehicles. Captiva For aspiring individuals with families who have evolved in their attitude and mind-set, Captiva is the all-purpose utility vehicle that takes you places in safety, style and comfort. The Captiva is the Urban sophistication in a full 7-seater. Trailblazer For SUV buyers seeking luxury and style in a reliable and capable 4×4 vehicle, the Trailblazer is the go anywhere, do anything solution that allows the family to explore Africa in comfort and confidence.Isuzu Trucks An uncompromising manufacturing quality has always been a core element of Isuzu's heritage. Ranking among the top four medium to extra-heavy truck manufacturers in South Africa, Isuzu Trucks are arguably the most durable and reliable trucks on Southern African roads. With a variety of models from 1.5 – 16 tons and offering custom built load bodies to the specifications of the customer requirements, Isuzu Trucks are durable with an ability to work hard and maintain low operating costs over the entire lifetime of the truck. Automatic Manual Transmission (AMT) is available on selected N-Series models allowing drivers to get the most out of their vehicles under any operating conditions. Automatic selection of gears and no clutch gear shifts can contribute directly to more economical operation of the trucks while increasing safety by preventing missed gear changes. Safety is further enhanced through the addition of an advanced ABS/ASR braking system to prevent accidents, while the hexagonal cab design, door beams and safety belts protect occupants in the event of an accident occurring. Action Auto offers

  • 3 year warranty
  • Warranty up to 120,000 kilometres
  • After sales service
  • Free delivery anywhere in the country

Car servicing and repairs

Action Auto has fully kitted service and repair workshops that offer efficient servicing. The company supplies after sales services and repairs to all Opel, Isuzu and Chevrolet passenger and commercial vehicles, fitting the best quality parts. They can also carry out repairs to other vehicle brands.
  • Fully equipped modern workshops
  • After sales service and repairs
  • Qualified technicians
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Action Auto has a motivated team of trained technicians that provide unparalleled service excellence, understanding each individual need and helping clients to make informed decisions about their vehicle requirements. The staff at are friendly and customer-oriented. This company uses the latest service technical information, specific tools and diagnostic equipment available to ensure that customer's cars get the best service possible. They offer full servicing, engine tuning, brakes, suspension, clutches and more. Action Auto also has a car wash facility where cars are cleaned thoroughly and professionally. Maintenance information

  • Full servicing
  • Engine tuning, breaks, suspension etc
  • Car wash facilities

Car parts

Action Auto believes in supplying genuine Opel, Isuzu and Chevrolet parts and spares and is exceptionally demanding in its approach to quality. Their sales outlets supply genuine car parts and accessories including brakes, shock absorbers, clutches, gearboxes and car engines.
  • Genuine Opel, Isuzu and Chevrolet parts and spares
  • Able to order any spare part a client may need
  • Spare parts meet strict and specific standards
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Action Auto supplies all the parts you will need for servicing your Opel, Isuzu or Chevrolet. Parts are sourced from reputable companies which meet specific standards. Action Auto has a team of knowledgeable parts experts who are on hand to answer questions and take orders relating to your Opel, Isuzu or Chevrolet. Action Auto assures its clients of the best value on parts and spares. Service parts, including

  • Brakes
  • Shock absorbers
  • Clutches
  • Gear boxes
  • Car engines

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