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At Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, different groups of people gather to share one purpose which is to help families and friends of alcoholics solve their problem. Every meeting that takes place is strictly anonymous and free, the members do not have to worry about outsiders finding out what is going on in the meetings.
Different people with a common problem
Confidentiality is practiced
Self-supporting through own contributions

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings assist people overcome alcohol abuse. Each member facing this problem addresses their issues in a comfortable manner that suits them. This programme helps people that have an alcohol problem discover the problem, come to terms with it and find means of dealing with it and how to get rid of the habit.

In the Alcoholics Anonymous programme, participants follow a set of recovery steps to achieve and maintain abstinence from alcohol. Many of these people use a sponsor to help them through the process. You must be an alcoholic to join AA though anyone can attend open meetings. At these meetings, you will find alcoholics talking about what drinking has done to their lives and personalities, what actions they have taken to help themselves, and how they are living their lives today.

Where the meetings are held

  • Monday- Cathedral of the Holy Cross
  • Tuesday- Kalemba Hall
  • Friday- Cathedral of the Holy Cross

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Longacres, Lusaka, Zambia
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