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Aluminium windows and doors

Alumen Fabricators supplies straight and rounded counter profiles that are designed to meet traditional and contemporary architectural requirements. The company offers a broad range of products including opening, sliding and shading systems. Alumen also supplies curtain walls and atriums and internal office separators.
Wide variety of straight and rounded counter profiles
Products meet architectural requirements
Products made using up to date technology

Made using up to date technology, Alumen Fabricators supplies one of the best aluminium products on the market. The company offers:

  1. Opening systems AL410 - This is a light, flexible and cost-effective system for various applications. It is ideal for large projects and offers rapid and easy installation.
  2. AL510 - This system consists of curved, as well as minimal design profiles, making it suitable for any type of architectural style. This model has special waterproof and airtight foamy rubbers ensuring a maximum degree of water tightness. It is ideal for opening systems of high performance and large openings.
  3. PA 460 folding door -This system ensures excellent impermeability and is ideal for the construction of a transparent shell, which brings together the internal and external spaces of a building.

Sliding systems

  1. AL205 - A reliable and economical solution for small and medium openings, this system has an extra removable aluminium profile on the rail for easy sliding. With a multiple locking system, the AL205 sliding door offers maximum security. It also provides several options among the wide range of profiles, covering multiple architecture applications.
  2. AL230 - One of the best designs in sliding systems, it has modern lines with smooth and quiet operation, making it a favourite amongst architects and homeowners. This system offers maximum security with the use of multiple locks. It is an ideal combination of sash windows with a fixed or opening frame.

Advantages of the sliding systems are:

  • Strong rail connection for the construction of overlapping frames with split connection angles
  • Normal, noiseless movement of the sliding sashes on a stainless built-in rail that ensures long-life and avoidance of color fading
  • Rebate for two-sheet sliding sashes without visible taps
  • A particularly strong and distinctive internal stop for two-sheet sliding sashes
  • Distribution of the sliding door centre of gravity on symmetrical rails for minimizing friction
  • Sash with a hidden cap of the support rubber for mosquito net
  • Excellent aesthetic result
  • Cover strips connected with split angles, ensuring a perfect connection without joints, even on uneven walls
  • Absolute impermeability in all joints
  • Easy construction and installation

Curtain walls and atriums

EcoWall EW 50 - This is the first complete certified curtain wall system. The properties of the system characterise its distinctiveness while offering excellent aesthetics and functionality. The EW 50 is designed to meet the highest architectural and engineering requirements. The system is divided into three main categories:

1. Standard - This category of curtain walls and atriums has visible external caps and multiple decorative covers. This is the classic solution for robust and modern design constructions.

2. Structural glazing - The least active participation of aluminium from its exterior is the best solution for facades of buildings cover.

3. Linear - The harmonious blend of standard and structural construction creates a linear effect on analysts' visual architectural applications.

The basic characteristics are:

  • A comprehensive system of three main categories
  • Standard type with visible external caps
  • Structural glazing type with joint 20mm
  • Linear type
  • Mullion-Transom width of 50 mm
  • Construction ability for opening, as well as of angular structures
  • Multi-degree corners

Rolling shutter system SR700 - With minimal lines and curves. Its main advantage is the impeccable combination with all systems.

Rolling shutter system SR750 - This system combines aesthetics and functionality while meeting an exceptional way to modern requirements of energy saving and security. The SR 750 has the highest thermal insulation on the market, offering excellent quality and reliability, as well as greater safety features, ventilation and lighting than other systems. Rolling shutter systems offer:

  • Full range of insulating and non-thermal boxes
  • Full range of aluminium slats
  • Full range of guides covering all aluminium systems
  • Complete range of accessories and mechanisms of high quality

Basic characteristics

  • Four insulating and non-thermal boxes in the same dimensions
  • Simply rails and rails with extensions
  • Aluminium slats stuffed with polyurethane and aluminum sheets covering structures from windows to garage doors

Internal office separators

EL 8300 Buero - This a unique system of internal separators for offices and business complexes that provides a wide range of architectural applications. The system can be used with glass or wood as a separator in order to combine it with the surrounding space. With internal pipes for wires, this system makes it possible to place lighting switches and sockets next to the entrance of any separator. It's characteristics are:

  • Various applications
  • Entrance doors can be added without degrading the aesthetic result
  • Possibility to place a shading mechanism (Venetian blinds) in the double glazing (optionally)
  • Special profiles for covering defects on the floor, ceiling and on the sides of the construction
  • The connection is achieved with corner-locks which can be set for faster and easier installation
  • Possibility to create entrances with 80mm locks for an easier daily use

Shading systems

  • Pergolas - This system was designed to respond to the need of an outdoor lifestyle. The Pergola is easy to assemble and install. It can resemble the original classic, wooden one or with the use of polycarbonate sheets as cover, it becomes an ornament to a modern home. The system is available in a variety of RAL and RAFAELLO colours, as well as wood imitation shades, and it is above all, certified by seaside class standards for maximum protection, it requires no maintenance.
  • Canopies - Produced in solid aluminium and powder coated, canopies make a definite statement to a home's entrance. They can be mounted either with glass, solid polycarbonate sheets or acrylic sheets. Canopies are available in standard dimensions of 140, 180, 220 x 100 cm.

Alumen products

  • Sliding window (available with carbon fibre fabric fly screen)
  • Opening window
  • Sliding doors
  • Balustrades
  • Glass partitions
  • Frameless tempered showered
  • Pergolas
  • Curtain walls and atriums
  • Internal office separators
  • Double glazing systems
  • Aluminium and glass facade
  • Glass facade with integrated window
  • Aluminium balustrades and handrails
  • Aluminium lighting fixtures
  • Aluminium cladding
  • Aluminium gates
  • Aluminium doors
  • Shutter system
  • Thermal break aluminium profiles
  • Glass
  • Flyscreens
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These shading and shutter systems protect against solar radiation and control the natural lighting of buildings. They can be placed either horizontally or vertically, movable or fixed, all depending on the construction needs and design requirements. These shutter systems are setting new standards in thermal insulation with a low thermal permeability rate, corresponding to modern requirements for energy saving.
A combination of high-end aesthetics with low cost window solutions. Curved minimal design profiles make these aluminium windows suitable for any type of architectural style. Comes with special waterproof and airtight foamy EPDM rubbers ensuring a water tight solution.

Property improvement

Alumen Fabricators install high-grade aluminium profiles including opening, sliding and shading systems, curtain walls and atriums, and internal office separators. The company takes pride in its work and pays particular attention to detail. Alumen's team works closely with its customers to recommend the best profiles.
Installs a full range of high grade aluminium profiles
Custom designs
Quality workmanship

Alumen Fabricators has built a reputation for quality workmanship in the installation of aluminium products for residential and commercial customers. With most of its projects being large, the company also efficiently carries out smaller works. Alumen Fabricators ensure that it completes its installations in a quick and professional manner, causing minimal disturbance to its customers. The company is committed to its customers and considers their satisfaction to be top priority.

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Interiors and Design services

Whether for business premises or home, Alumen Fabricators offers complete traditional and modern aluminium interior decorative solutions. The company ensures that it uses high-end aluminium finishes in all its projects. Alumen Fabricators focuses on helping its customers achieve their ambitions by creating everlasting interiors.
Complete aluminium decorative solutions
High-end aluminium finishes
Works with customers to achieve client designs

Alumen Fabricators believes that a good design does not have to be expensive. Through a team of experienced and skilled personnel, the company first meets with its customers to determine their aesthetic objectives, time frame, as well as budget. Alumen then studies the possibilities and presents their models and programs that will best fulfil its customers' desires.

Once a customer has selected a design model, the company will then begin the project. Since inception, Alumen Fabricators has built a reputation of reliability and high-quality workmanship in aluminium interiors and design services. The company uses state of the art technology and stays abreast with the ever-changing interior design industry, in order to provide its customers with the utmost in quality, service and innovation.

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9 Nkanchibaya Road, Rhodes Park, Lusaka, Zambia
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