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Armcor Security Ltd

Armcor Security combines up to the minute technology with traditional security guard services to deliver effective security to an extensive range of clients throughout Zambia. With well trained radio-monitored guards, armed rapid response teams and a 24 hour control room, Armcor Security is a market leader for security in Zambia. Armcor is the preferential security partner for many Zambia based international corporates including mining companies. This is due to its extensive experience in providing complete security solutions with appropriate equipment, software and value-added services. Armcor is currently structuring its business and procedures to qualify for ISO 9001 certification.
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Kachidza Road, Lusaka
30 Kachidza Road, Lusaka Industrial Area, Lusaka, Zambia
Open today: 07:00-18:00
+260 211 287751, +260 977 740010
PO Box 30316, Lusaka

Safety and Security

Armcor is a wholly Zambian company with over 6,000 staff. It operates from Lusaka, the Copperbelt and in North-Western province. From a friendly face at reception to fire fighting and emergency response units, Armcor Security provides regular guards, armed guards, premier guards and corporate guards to accommodate every need.

Armcor Security provides regular guards, armed guards, premier guards and corporate guards to accommodate every need. The company also has a highly trained armed rapid response unit equipped to deal with emergency situations. The Armcor control room is the centre of operations, allowing 24 hour monitoring and coordination.

Armcor Security's physical guard service offers professional guards who are consistently monitored and evaluated by supervisors. These highly trained security officers have the personnel skills to match the security needs of each individual residence or business. Dedicated mobile supervisory staff conduct quality assurance checks on all sites. Armcor's specialised guarding services are offered to residential properties, commercial properties, the mining sector, industrial and manufacturing sectors, retail outlets, Government offices, embassies and NGOs.

Recruitment and training of security guards

Armcor has a rigorous recruitment process in place to ensure that only the highest calibre personnel are chosen. Security guards must have police clearance, score more than 80% in a specialised test and be successful in the interview process. Once selected, they undergo extensive training before beginning their first assignment. Armcor security guards also attend regular refresher courses.

The Armcor Guard of the Month Award recognises the guard who has gone above and beyond the call of duty. Attendance bonuses are paid to all guards who report for duty in a timely and regular manner. Site bonuses are paid to guards based on the relative importance of the site.

Firearms and maintenance

Firearms and ammunition procedures strictly adhere to all related regulations. All firearms and ammunition are inspected monthly, and an officer is only issued with a firearm when they meet all competency requirements as set out by the National Policing Standards. All staff members are required to qualify on the basic firearm course twice a year.Armcor Security key clients (past and present)

  • German Development Services
  • French Embassy
  • High Commission of Mozambique
  • High Commission of Zimbabwe
  • Indian High Commission
  • Japanese Embassy
  • Malawi High Commission
  • Namibian High Commission
  • Russian Embassy
  • Sudan Embassy
  • Swedish Cooperative Centre
  • Tanzania High Commission
  • Woodlands Shopping Centre
  • World Food Program
  • World Health Organisation
  • World Bank
  • Embassy of Brazil
  • Botswana High Commission
  • Embassy of Cuba
  • Food Agriculture Organization
  • International Monetary Fund
  • Ireland Embassy
  • JICA
  • Nigerian High Commission
  • Royal Saudi Embassy
  • UNDP
  • United Nations

Armcor Security Ltd · Safety and Security

Security services

Armcor Security Ltd manages the development of security systems for its corporate clients, from an initial audit and architecture definition to systems integration, installation and implementation. The company also offers ongoing maintenance once installation is complete.

Armcor Security Limited was established in 1993 to cater to the security needs of a wide range of Zambian residences and businesses. From small beginnings, Armcor has expanded to offer a nationwide security network, with infrastructure in Lusaka, Copperbelt and North-Western Province. The company operates from a 24 hour control centre based in Lusaka.

Armcor security services focus on:

  • Alarm systems: including fire detection systems, intruder and panic alarms
  • Access control: the control of people's movements as per your specifications
  • CCTV: Closed Circuit Television Systems
  • Cash in transit: the secure and timely movement of valuable items that need security protection
  • Electric fencing: for the security of plots and premises
  • Control room: to allow for 24 hour monitoring and coordination

Armcor security programs are supported by a team well adapted to the challenges encountered in hostile situations and environments. Armcor Security is equipped to deal with:

  • Accident and emergency operations: a dedicated call number and a 24 hour multifunctional control room uses the latest technological advances, with more than 12 controllers per shift (with three shifts every 24 hours).
  • Contract performance monitoring: Armcor has a very rigid contract management process that drives the contract performance in line with service level agreements
  • Contingency planning: to protect clients' assets in the event of civil unrest, natural disaster or mass casualty.


Armcor are established enough to have the infrastructure and financial backing to implement large projects, but small enough to offer a personalised service. Armcor Security have developed and currently run security systems for major projects such as the Woodlands Shopping Centre and Levy Business Park.

Armcor Security key information

Well-established security company in Zambia

Cutting edge equipment and systems

Geared to protecting clients' assets in emergencies

Armcor Security Ltd · Security services