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Established in 2008, Asian Medicos Enterprise specialises in manufacturing, exporting and importing quality medical supplies, medical equipment, surgical disposables, general consumables, diagnostic equipment, test kits and pharmaceuticals. They service small one off purchases as well as large wholesale quantities for hospitals and pharmacies. The company has a qualified team of staff, dedicated to providing quality delivery services.
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Medical instruments and supplies

Asian Medicos Enterprise is dedicated to providing a wide array of quality medical products to the healthcare industry such as medical disposables and medical imaging systems. This company is determined to provide a customer oriented, reliable service with the widest selection of medical supplies and medical equipment products.

The mission of Asian Medicos Enterprise is to explore and develop technology that protects and saves lives. To meet this challenge, Asian Medicos Enterprises equip the world with new tools for fighting diseases.

Medical products supplied by Asian Medicos Enterprise include:

  • Microscopes, microtomes and projectors
  • Orthopaedic implants and instruments
  • Pathology lab items
  • Physiotherapy equipment
  • Rehabilitation gel and cushioning products
  • Rehabilitation products and aids
  • Safety IV cannulas
  • Shadowless lights
  • Sharps container
  • Sterilization equipment and accessories
  • Suction units
  • Surgical instruments
  • Surgical needles
  • Surgical rubber goods

Asian Medicos Enterprise · Medical instruments and supplies

Hospital equipment and furniture

Asian Medicos Enterprise offers a comprehensive range of hospital equipment and furniture. The company supplies operation theatre equipments, X-ray equipments, dental chairs and cabinets used in the medical fraternity and many more. These products are designed, manufactured and marketed to ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Asian Medicos Enterprise has been established with a noble goal of providing quality healthcare to ailing millions at affordable costs. The group initially entered into the pharma-market with its quality products in the vital healthcare segment such as:-

  • Hospital furniture
  • Doctor room furniture
  • Operation theatre equipment
  • X-Ray equipment
  • Dental chairs
  • Cabinets used in medical fraternity

Asian Medicos Enterprise · Hospital equipment and furniture

Medical equipment and supplies

Asian Medicos Enterprise is committed to providing high-quality durable medical equipment and supplies because they are critical components of excellent care. Their highly trained staff will help you make the best choices for your needs, while providing you with friendly service and expert advice.

Medical environment Asian Medicos Enterprise are leading suppliers in medical disposable management such as:

  • Crushers
  • Waste system based centralised treatment systems
  • Stirring type medical waste sterilisers
  • Waste centralised and incinerator disposal systems
  • High end automatic and semi-automatic PLC based autoclaves
  • Plasma sterilisers

Asian Medicos Enterprise also provide medical equipment maintenance with highly trained and qualified electro-medical and biomedical engineers.

Operating room equipment Asian Medicos Enterprise supply operating room equipment such as quality desktop pulse vacuum autoclaves, pulse vacuum sterilisers, diagnostic equipment and air purification disinfectors, they are also suppliers of CSSD equipment. Asian Medicos Enterprise have a dedicated technical team offering a quality service and guidance on pharmaceutical drugs, dental products, pathological test kits and reagents and medical equipment.

Asian Medicos Enterprise are the leading importer/exporter and manufacturers of medical supplies, medical equipments and general consumables including dermatology equipments, software's and related hair, skin diagnostic systems. The company supplies informatics, diagnostics software for managing comprehensive dermatology clinics mostly in hair and skin segments.

Asian Medicos Enterprise are premier suppliers of the following: YAG laser systems, Skin diagnostic systems, Skin care systems, Dynamic exercise systems, Obesity and skin systems, Light therapy systems, Low level laser systems, IPL laser systems, Hair diagnostic systems, GPL lasers Fitness treatments, Diode lasers and CO2 lasers.

Oncology System Asian Medicos Enterprise are leading suppliers of radiotherapy products for treating cancer as well as informatics software tools for managing comprehensive cancer clinics.

Asian Medicos Enterprise · Medical equipment and supplies

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