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Container storage

The Big Green Box Zambia is your number one secure self storage provider in the country. Their secure onsite 20 foot container storage options include the option to rent an entire container, small 5 cubic meter storage or shelving storage.
Rent a 20 foot container
Smaller storage options available
Safely store your own 20 foot or 40 foot container

Note: The Big Green Box only provides storage space. The moving, offloading and loading of goods is the responsibility of the client. The Big Green Box offers the following storage options:

  • Secure storage of your furniture, hardware, documents, appliances or other items in secure containers on the premises
  • Offers space for secure storage of your own container on the premises
  • Provides secure vehicle storage on Big Green Box premises

Security and ID checks

The safety of clients' goods is of utmost importance to The Big Green Box; electric fencing, laser beams and armed security guards protect our premises. CCTV is constantly monitored by the company's security head office and a rapid response team is available when there is a breach at any level.

Individual keypad alarms are available at a small additional fee per month. Clients who choose to make use of individual alarm systems will receive a 40% discount on their insurance premiums.

Storage and the weather

The Big Green Box takes every precaution to ensure that all goods are protected whilst in storage. The shipping containers are designed to be weatherproof in all weather conditions.

This company has also taken measures to reduce the impact of heat on all its containers. Container roofs have been painted white to reflect the sun and a mounted shade cloth hangs above the container rows, further protecting them from the heat.

Clients who have items particularly sensitive to heat can rent a container with an all bubble ceiling. All bubble absorbs 95% of the heat and will make a significant difference to the internal temperature of the container.

Rental periods

Storage with The Big Green Box, whether on or off-site, is charged in 28-day blocks as this is the International standard storage period and amounts to exactly 4 weeks. However, clients are at liberty of renting containers or storing their goods for more than 1 x 28 days as there is no maximum storage period.


Shelves are available in 3-meter blocks. These shelving blocks are also rented out for 28 days. Each block has two 60cm deep shelves, one 80cm high and the second 160cm high, (if you require shelves running down each side of a 20-foot container, you will need 4 x 3-meter blocks).


Each container has four padlock points, The Big Green Box sells high-quality locks specifically designed for container security. When purchased, these locks belong to the client even when the lease period is complete. Clients are however welcome to use their own locks to secure their container provided they meet the security standards of The Big Green Box.

Security seals

In addition to all other security measures, clients are provided with serialised security seals. These are put in place by the client at the end of every visit and are witnessed as being intact by the client at the beginning of the next visit.


The Big Green Box sells compulsory insurance for goods stored at our Twin Palm site, which starts at an affordable ZMW25 per 28 days. The insurance premium varies based on the value of the goods. Insurance premiums are 40% cheaper if you rent an alarmed container.

The Big Green Box has negotiated an affordable insurance contract with Professional Insurance. This policy is only available for goods stored within the premises. Insurance premiums are payable with the rental fee and staff members are available to explain terms of payment to each client.

Contents with a value greater than ZMW260,000.00 need to be inspected by a member of Professional Insurance. In the case of motor vehicles in storage, inspections have to be done in each and every aspect. Goods are only insured whilst they are inside the container and insurance covers heat damage.

The company encourages clients to be meticulous in the itemisation and pricing of their containerised goods. Both the correct estimation of goods and the updating of the schedule (whenever the goods in the container change) are the responsibility of the client.


A deposit will be charged for a 28-day block. Provided the container is returned to us clean and in good order by close of business on the 28th day, this will be returned to you in full.

Late payments

Late payments are calculated on a daily rate (x/28) plus 10% penalty fee and this is compounded daily for each day you are overdue until the eviction date, which is 14 days after your payment was due.

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Rent secure warehouse facilities from The Big Green Box.
Place your own 20ft or 40ft storage container within The Big Green Box secure complex.
Storage containers for the safe storage of your items.
Small storage container of 5 cubic meters within a 20 foot secure storage container

Container hire

The Big Green Box can arrange to deliver a storage container to anywhere within Zambia, helping you with whatever temporary storage requirements you need. The company supplies containers to a variety of businesses, including shop fitters, construction sites and educational establishments.
Temporary storage requirements catered for
Dimensions: 6.1m (length) x 2.44m (width) x 2.40m (height)
Containers delivered anywhere in Zambia

Whatever your temporary storage requirements may be, The Big Green Box can help. Whether it's storage on your premises or another site, the company can arrange to deliver storage containers to you anywhere within Zambia. They supply containers to a number of business sectors, including shop fitters, construction sites, retail and education as well as hire to many private individuals for all sorts of requirements including home improvements and moving house.

The 20ft shipping containers are perfectly situated for individual secure storage. The dimensions of these containers are 6.1m (length), x 2.44m (width) x 2.40m (height) providing over 35 cubic meters of storage space per container.

The Big Green Box hires out highly secure storage containers to suit customer requirements throughout Zambia. Their experienced team is trained to deliver with expertise, efficiency and accuracy, to cater to your every need. The company is focused on making your container hire experience as easy, speedy and pleasant as possible.

Why hire your container from The Big Green Box?

• Fast, easy, reliable delivery throughout Zambia

• Fully weatherproof, highly secure steel containers

• Superior customer service

• Competitive pricing

• Short and long-term hire

Storage options – container at client's premises

  • 20ft standard container
  • 20ft standard with all bubble insulation container
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Rent an empty 20 foot storage container from The Big Green Box.


The Big Green Box has a specialised, highly secure vehicle storage facility that can accommodate cars, trucks, boats, tractors or trailers. The Big Green Box is the solution to your constant worry of where to leave your car when you travel. Rent a storage space and have peace of mind about the safety of your vehicle.
Provides a secure storage space
Customise warehouses to suit customer specifications
All warehouses have a state of the art security system


The Big Green Box's Kabulonga site has its warehouses built with high-security priority. The company has a state of the art, multi-layered security system which comprises of multiple alarms, monitored CCTV, laser beams and armed security guards, including rapid response to a breach at any level.

The Big Green Box ensures vigilant night time protection on the warehouses through consistent communication between the security guards and their head office every half an hour, as well as CCTV output monitoring from 5pm to 8am every 24 hours.

Heat prevention

The company has built all its warehouse roofs in such a way that they reflect away any sunlight. This has drastically reduced the internal temperatures.


The Big Green Box has developed an extremely reasonable insurance product in conjunction with Professional Insurance for vehicles stored at The Big Green Box facility to provide you with that extra peace of mind and vehicles have to be inspected individually.

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The Big Green Box offsite client containers transportation, in and out of Lusaka.
This is when customers wish to rent a plot for packing their vehicles or put their containers.
This is when the big green box go to collect a container but the customer is not ready for them.
Loading and offloading of containers.

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Twin Palm Road, Lusaka
Twin Palm Road, Lusaka, Zambia
Open today: 08:00-17:00
+260 968 069253, +260 974 069253 , +260 965 608144

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