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BongoHive is dedicated to creating and driving long-lasting change in its community and region. To achieve this, the organisation hosts three events: Insaka, Meet the Industry, and Mobile Monday. BongoHive also has four community groups: Asikana Network, Ubongo Game Lab, Google Developer Groups Lusaka, and Makerhut.
Creates and drives resilient change in its community and region
Three community events and four groups
Educating and creating platforms to share experiences and ideas

All events and groups aim to educate and create a platform to share experiences and ideas.

Community eventsInsaka

This is a monthly event that features a prominent entrepreneur either from the local community or the organisation's network abroad. The guest is asked to tell their story, share experiences and give advice. This event also offers the audience an opportunity to have an open dialogue with the guest.

Meet the Industry

Also held monthly, BongoHive invites a panel of experts from a specific industry to discuss how to enter the market and the associated challenges. The panel also answers questions from participants.

Mobile Monday This event is recognised as a catalyst for development in the mobile industry and is held every two months. The Mobile Monday event focuses on capturing and utilising the potential of the fast growing, young, African middle-income market to enable people with lower incomes to participate in, and benefit from, the developments in the mobile world.

Community groupsAsikana Network

This is a network of women aiming to empower other young women in the field of technology. Their belief is that they can better the mindset of women in information and communications technology (ICT) and deal with negative stereotypes attached to women in ICT-related fields. The Asikana Network has identified three groups of young women as the target group i.e. those in high school, those in university, and those already in the ICT profession.

Ubongo Game Lodge

This is a community technology group that focuses on game development, gaming technology and its use within Zambia.

Google Developer Groups (GDGs)

These are user groups for people interested in Google's developer technology, which include Android and App Engine platforms, application program interfaces (APIs) and initiatives like OpenSocial. You can check out for the full list of offerings.


Focussing on exploring projects and technology in the fields of electronics, arts and industrial design, Makerhut is a creative community of makers in Zambia. This group was created for anyone who loves to fiddle and create things.


Working closely with the head of entrepreneurship at BongoHive, their members receive guidance and practical advice throughout the entire start-up process, which involves concept refinement and prototyping, post-launch operations and management of growth. They are supported every step of the way.
Work closely with the head of entrepreneurship
Focus is on making ideas a reality
Apply for white, black or yellow membership

BongoHive focuses on making ideas a reality and encourages candidates to apply for a membership that suits their needs. Their head of entrepreneurship works in a hands-on fashion with each start-up to learn about its individual business needs. They help to develop the capacity to not only successfully launch, but to succeed and to eventually outgrow the BongoHive hub.

Entrepreneurship programmes and consulting

BongoHive offers two programmes, 'Discover' and 'Launch', that are focused on identifying Zambia's best and brightest entrepreneurs. This organisation brings various entrepreneurs into their space and turns their ideas and projects into scalable businesses. BongoHive also offers consultancy services in a range of technology issues.
Two programmes: "Discover" and "Launch"
Focuses on identifying Zambia’s best and brightest entrepreneurs
Consultancy services to corporate and institutional clients

Discover programme – this is a three-week intense full-time practical boot camp that gives early stage entrepreneurs the basic skills they need to turn a business idea into a launched start-up.

Launch programme – a three-month programme that strategically focuses on start-ups that have launched and are looking to gain traction and scale. The start-ups in the entrepreneurship programmes go through a series of workshops. The workshops are designed to directly build start-ups' capacity in areas where skill gaps are common amongst BongoHive and Zambian start-ups at large.

The organisation's identification of these skill gaps are the result of observations over two years of providing business incubation services as well as direct consultation with their resident start-ups. The workshops are rooted in BongHive's goal to increase start-up survival rates by increasing entrepreneurs' capacity to run a resilient business.

Each workshop enables start-ups to access global best practices that are tailored to the Zambian context through industry leaders at very affordable prices. As each workshop has been laid out by an industry expert, every workshop is unique. As a result, the workshop length, workshop frequency, number of participants, entry skill requirements and outcomes all differ. The workshops include:

  • Technical Workshop 1 – Plan and building a company website
  • Technical Workshop 2A-F – Introduction to social media platforms Technical Workshop 3 – Digital marketing strategy and analytics for startups
  • Technical Workshop 4 – UX design for startups
  • Technical Workshop 5 – How to build an App for startups
  • Non-Technical Workshop 1 – Speechcraft for business
  • Non-Technical Workshop 2 – Starting and operating an impactful business
  • Financial Workshop 1 – Building and understanding financial accounts


BongoHive has worked on exciting projects from different fields and has focused on themes such as agriculture, health, human rights and governance.The organisation aims to give the best technical assistance, advice and expertise to its clients. Learn more about their current consultant recruitment cycle here.

Contact information

16948B Thabo Mbeki Road, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 955 769936
Closed today

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