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Brainobrain Academy Zambia provides quality teaching with a detailed lesson plan that allows children to excel in all subjects. The academy specialises in advanced abacus, neuro linguistic programming and personality development programs. It carters for children between ages 5 years and 14 years. The faculty consists of well committed team of professionals from various fields, who have had a decade of international experience in kid's education and training. Brainobrain currently operates in 20 countries.
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Primary schools

Brainobrain Academy Zambia provides unique skill development programmes, that nurture children's brain by developing some of the mental faculties and skills for learning such as memory, visualisation, creative and critical thinking, concentration, listening skills, speed and accuracy, self-confidence and multi-tasking.

Advanced Abacus skill development programme, neuro linguistic programming, brain gym, vocabulary, group discussions, role plays, attitude formation, creative art, story writing, personality development, language skills, good language and etiquette, leadership skills, concentration and memory power.

Brainobrain Academy Zambia · Primary schools

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