Haulage and Logistics

Cape Cathy transport bulk cargo, high security cargo and cargo with additional time sensitivity. The company carefully plans their transport network to keep turnover time between trips to an absolute minimum, ensuring you can quickly unlock the value you have tied up in goods transit.
Their tracking system ensures effective monitoring of cargo in transit
Services the mining, manufacturing and constructions industries
Deliver varying types of cargo to all kinds of geographic locations

Cape Cathy secures the cargo loads using satellite tracking and can arrange armed security services. This company guarantees transparency and open lines of communication. Customers have full access to the reports so they are fully informed about the progress of their goods in transit. The location and movements of vehicles are recorded three times a day.

Vehicle range

Cape Cathy's large fleet of trucks provides unparalleled capacity for your cargo. All their vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking units. In order to provide maximum flexibility they operate a fleet of: tipper trucks, truck and trailers and vehicles. Their team, including drivers, are accessible and easily contactable.

As an intricate part of the supply chain and strong link between customers and their goods, Cape Cathy thrive on bringing efficiency and moral standards to the haulage and logistics industry.

Freight and forwarding

Cape Cathy provides reliable and quality services in customs and clearing to suit the varying needs of clients. It has a professional team of export agents to assist its customers in all aspects of international freight, documentation and processing. The company is able to provide a tariff that will suit you conveniently.
Every consignment treated with care irrespective of its content
Customs clearing and forwarding
Exports and imports

Cape Cathy is an innovative company that is growing fast. With plans to establish offices in other African countries, expand the fleet to suit more specialist cargo needs and build strategically placed warehouses. Its dedicated team of professionals endeavours to ensure all customers' expectations are met. Their team is keen to understand its customers and their requirements on an individual basis so that they can establish long term working relationships with customers.

Transport coverage

Cape Cathy can deliver varying types of cargo to all kinds of geographic locations.

  • Locally, within your area
  • Nationally, to any province in Zambia
  • Internationally, to the whole SADC region

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