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On a daily basis many widows, orphans, and grandmothers come to the Chikumbuso community centre where they find friendship, acceptance and hope for the future. At the centre's school, over 500 students who were not previously learning are restarting their lives in a supportive environment.
Chikumbuso teach life skills in tailoring and cooking
Supports 23 grandmothers with a mattress, blankets and food
Over 500 students are restarting their lives in a supportive environment

In Zambia today the AIDS crisis continues. After years of fighting this virus, Zambia still has 15% of adults infected, and 800,000 AIDS orphans. The word Chikumbuso means remembrance. The people of Chikumbuso remember those who have died, remember where they have come from, and remember to do for others. Chikumbuso finds inspiration in God's word which says we are to care for orphans and widows.

The project reaches out in particular to widows, orphans, young single mothers, young men and grandmothers. Many grandmothers in Ng'ombe are left with their orphaned grandchildren due to HIV/AIDS and other causes of early death. These women are often unable to work and struggle to feed and clothe their grandchildren.

Chikumbuso supports 23 grandmothers with a mattress and blanket, and monthly deliveries of food and fuel. Chikumbuso has revolutionised the lives of the women they support through the use of 'rocket' stoves that efficiently use firewood rather than expensive charcoal. 43 widows work on a micro enterprise that gives them an income.

At the centre's school, over 500 students who were not previously learning, are restarting their lives in a supportive environment.

How you can get involved The Chikumbuso community invites you to be a part of Chikumbuso, as you too remember to do for others! You can:

  • Sponsor a grandparent or an orphan
  • Send a package
  • Buy a bag made by Chikumbuso women
  • Volunteer your time

Chikumbuso projects

  • Micro enterprise
  • Grandmother outreach
  • Educating children
  • Safe haven

2015 milestones

  • 60,000 meals provided
  • 4,500 books made available
  • 500 kids in school
  • 100% of kids passed 7th grade

Hand bags and purses

With each crocheted using recycled plastic, Chikumbuso Women and Orphans Project offers a wide variety of high quality hand bags and purses. They are beautiful, last forever and benefit a whole community of orphans, widows and single mothers in Zambia. Chikumbuso is passionate about empowering women to make a better life.
A wide variety of handcrafted hand bags and purses
Empowering women to make a better life
Products made from recycled plastic

Chikumbuso Women and Orphans Project is known for their unique handcrafted bags and purses. Each piece is carefully crafted with different types of stitching, beading, embroidery and print techniques that are intricate and unique.

Chikumbuso is committed to train and equip women so they can feed their kids, keep them in school, and make a difference in their community. By investing in the bags and purses, customers are not only making a style statement, but are also empowering the women behind the craft.

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Kaleya Road, Ng'ombe, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 977 369097
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PostNet Box 231, PBag E10, Lusaka

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