Car rentals in Lusaka, Zambia

Vehicle rental options at City Drive Rent a Car include fully equipped 4x4's, a replacement vehicle service and corporate leases. Whether you're a first time tourist visitor or a business traveller looking for a convenient mode of transport, this company has the right car and rental option for you.
  • Short and long term leases available
  • Fully equipped 4x4’s available for comfortable and convenient safari tours
  • Professional vehicles and group transport for business travellers
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City Drive Rent A Car seeks to provide innovative transport solutions to individuals and companies looking to rent a car for short or long term use.

Whether you're a tourist visiting the country for the first time or a business traveller looking for a convenient mode of transport, City Drive Rent A Car has the right car for you to hire, tailored to meet your needs.

Products and services

  • Adventure camper (fully equipped 4×4)
  • This is a popular choice for both local and international tourists. With a fully equipped vehicle, touring national parks and seeing the beautiful and breathtaking Zambian flora and fauna becomes convenient and fun.
  • Lease it (long term car rental)
  • This service enables clients to rent a vehicle for weeks, months or even years. Ideal for companies who do not want to pay for a vehicle upfront, tying up funds in non-strategic assets. City Drive leases out saloon cars, 4x4s and minibuses. Clients select the car which best suits their needs.
  • Transit (short term car rental)
  • Short term car rental is ideal for clients who would like to use a car for a few days. If your car is held up at the garage or you have visitors you'd like to arrange transport for, this is the product for you. The range of cars under transit rentals includes saloon cars, 4x4s and minibuses.
  • Replacement vehicle service
  • City Drive Rent A Car provides a replacement vehicle service for Insurance policy holders in the event that their cars are in the garage after a breakdown or involved in an accident. Car replacement is done withing 24 hours of the request. This facility ensures that policy holders are not inconvenienced and are able to continue being mobile without any inconveniences. City Drive has partnered with major Insurance companies to provide this particular service to policy holders, allowing clients that have insured their cars with these major Insurance companies to enjoy the replacement vehicle service.
  • Corporate leases
  • City Drive offers car rental services on a lease basis to corporate organizations with favorable terms and conditions that include considerable discounts against market rates. This type of lease agreement helps organizations to reduce the operating costs freeing up money to invest in other assets needed for the business.

Car rental packages

  • Adventure camper (fully equipped 4×4)
  • Lease it (long term car rental)
  • Transit (short term car rental)
  • Replacement vehicle service
  • Corporate leases

City Drive has worked with a number of reputable clients including

  • Chaminuka Lodge
  • Intercontinental Hotel
  • Taj Pamodzi Hotel
  • Protea Hotels
  • Danish Embassy
  • South African High Commission

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P O Box 38132 Lusaka, Zambia
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