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165/F , Lusaka West, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 977 561481 , +260 211 355769
P.O Box 31546 Lusaka, Zambia
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Companies and individuals can hire City Waste Solutions' range of trucks for the transportation of goods from one point to the other either within Lusaka or anywhere in Zambia. The company is committed to providing freight forwarding services with care and reliability.
Trucks from 2 ton to 30 tons, box type, open and refrigerated
Transport goods within Lusaka or anywhere in Zambia
Your cargo will be delivered in the shortest time possible

City Waste Solutions offers a fleet of well maintained trucks for all your transport needs. No matter how complex or critical your freight may be, this company has the capacity to transport it. Their dedicated team is available to recommend the perfect truck that suits your delivery specifications.

City Waste Solutions operates on a daily basis across Zambia, offering high flexibility. The company can deliver your cargo to and from any point in the country at any time. Upon request, City Waste Solutions will always let you know exactly where your goods are, from collection to delivery.

Get in touch with City Waste Solutions, they will be delighted to offer you more information about their wide range of transportation services.

Recyclable material

City Waste Solutions collects recyclable waste from all interested companies and individuals for free. Waste paper collected is used to make tissue while the carton box is used to make egg trays. For metal and plastic, this company gives its sister companies but planks are used within its ranks. Their goal is to ensure that there are no recyclable wastes littering the environment.
Recyclable waste collection - paper, metal, plastic, planks as well as electronic waste
Confidential waste paper can be collected and destroyed in your presence
Save money on waste disposal

City Waste Solutions collects and discards recyclable waste including paper, plastic, metal, planks as well as electronic waste from companies and individuals. If you have secret information, this company has the best disposal facilities for privacy as its premises are under CCTV surveillance 24/7. You will also be allowed to witness the destruction.

When you engage City Waste Solutions to collect your recyclable material, you do not have to struggle and spend cash to get waste from your business or home anymore. The company will collect it right from where you are for free.

City Waste Solutions is committed to protecting the environment and reducing the effects of waste by collecting and recycling a selection of materials into reusable products.

Fruit and vegetables

Do you need a fruit and vegetable supplier that can distribute countrywide? City Waste Solutions is equal to the task. The company has an unrivaled reputation for its delivery service which operates seven days a week and can be tailored to suit your requirements.
Order a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables
A convenient service for hotels, lodges, supermarkets as well as individuals
Company can deliver countrywide

Using modern technology in their agricultural practices, City Waste Solutions grows high quality fruits and vegetables. The company supplies to hotels, lodges, restaurants, supermarkets as well as individuals.

City Waste Solutions' strict delivery policies and supreme care for quality has greatly contributed towards its success. The company guarantees consistent deliveries of the finest products for a competitive price and keeping the terms and conditions of orders.

Contact information

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165/F , Lusaka West, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 977 561481 , +260 211 355769
P.O Box 31546 Lusaka, Zambia

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