Dry cleaning and Laundry services

Classique Cleaners professionally cleans, irons and packages your items in time for collection. The company uses latest equipment and safe and environmentally friendly detergents that efficiently clean different types of fabrics. Classique Cleaners values its clients highly and takes pride in its standard of laundry services offered.
  • Skilled workforce, paying attention to detail
  • Express services offered
  • Quality equipment and products
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Dry cleaning and laundry services The company offers professional cleaning of suits, wedding dresses, formal wear, curtains, beddings, duvets, blankets, leathers and suede. Commercial and industrial services With contract rates available, Classique Cleaners also provides commercial and industrial cleaning services. The company has collection and delivery options. Services are offered to:

  • Restaurants (tablecloths, napkins)
  • Hotels (linen, towels etc)
  • Hospitals
  • Factories (dust coats, overalls, uniforms)
  • Corporations (bulk cleaning for staff wear)

Alteration services Classique Cleaners has a team of skilled personnel that take care of a wide range of repairs and alterations from zip replacements and minor tears to securing hems, adjusting waists and more. All you will need to do is pin a note to the item with instructions of what you need to be done. Carpet and upholstery cleaning For quality steaming or dry cleaning of carpets, wall to wall carpets, sofas and cushions, chairs, visit the Classique Cleaners for an incomparable service. Please view Classique Cleaners' opening times by branch HERE.

Security systems

Using modern equipment and techniques, Classique Cleaners cuts keys for vehicles, safes, as well as mortice and gear locks. The company ensures that it perfectly cuts your keys, offering you security, flexibility and peace of mind. For your convenience, Classique Cleaners offers a while-you-wait key cutting service.
  • Professional, quick key cutting services
  • A quick while-you-wait service
  • A full range of key blanks to fit a wide variety of purposes
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Classique Cleaners has a full range of key blanks to fit a wide variety of purposes and requirements. They use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that all keys are cut to precision. Classique Cleaners is dedicated to delivering an outstanding key cutting and key replacement service. Classique Cleaners' highly skilled professional locksmith specialists are always being trained in the latest key cutting technologies to provide the highest quality service at affordable rates. So if you have lost your keys or jammed them in a faulty lock, this company has you covered.


Classique Cleaners specialises in all types of shoe repairs for men and women including soles (full/half), heels, stitching, zips and buckles. They also repair suitcase zips and adjust belts (length/holes). The company also has in stock a full range of shoe care products for leather, suede and nubuck shoes.
  • All types of shoe repairs for men and women
  • Shoe care products for leather, suede and nubuck shoes
  • Cobblers have the expertise to build a shoe from scratch
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Repairing your shoes instead of throwing them away is a great way to save you money. With a team of cobblers that have the expertise to build a shoe from scratch, Classique Cleaners will professionally repair your shoes to make them look like new. Shoe-care products for sale

  • Shoe polishes
  • Brushes for leather shoes
  • Renovators, cleaners for suede, nubuck and spot shoes
  • Inner soles
  • Shoe protectors
  • Shoelaces
  • Shoe eyelets
  • Heel grips

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Suite G07 Zambezi, Roma, Lusaka, Zambia
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+260 211 227 042

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