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Colourite Chemicals Ltd

Established in 2010, Colourite Chemicals has become one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of paint in Zambia. The company sells indoor, outdoor and decorative paints in a large range of colours and sizes. It also manufactures products such as paint thinners and cleaners, varnish, wood glue, spirit of salt and wood preservatives. In addition, Colourite Chemicals offers a range of wires, conforce, brick force and electric wires, all with enhanced strength and durability.

Building materials

As well as being one of the leading suppliers of paints in Zambia, Colourite Chemicals offers a range of adhesive products, conforce, brick force and electric wires. The company provides delivery services to customers' premises, and has a well-trained team that helps customers select products to suit their requirements.


Colourite Chemicals supplies quality paints in a broad colour range, with a variety of finishes and adhesion stengths, making these paints perfect for many different indoor and outdoor building projects.

The company has a team of friendly and knowledgeable staff that help customers find the right product and colour. They also provide a free colour consultation, information on the latest international colour palettes available on the market and interior décor tips and advice.


Colourite Chemicals supplies glues that can be used for most household repairs including metal, stone, wood, ceramics, foam and glass. These glues are sandable, paintable, stainable and 100% waterproof and temperature resistant. This means that Colourite glue is able to withstand the outdoor elements and is not affected by extreme temperatures.


Colourite Chemicals supplies a wide range of wires that can be in used for construction, hardware and agricultural purposes, these products include conforce, brick force and electric wires. The company provides standard rolls or it will cut to the length required.

Colourite Chemicals Ltd · Building materials

Industrial chemicals and gases

Colourite Chemicals manufactures quality allied chemical products such as paint thinners and cleaners, varnish, wood glue, spirit of salt and wood preservatives for the construction industry. This company ensures the highest quality and standards through a team of highly qualified and experienced chemical experts.

Colourite Chemicals manufactures a wide range of supplies for the construction industry. These products include acid based self-etching cleaner, floor degreaser and cleaner, and vinyl epoxy floor chips. These are used for thinning paints and coatings, and cleaning paint from tools and equipment after use.

The team of quality controllers conducts various tests on each product, ensuring international quality standards are met. These products are processed with the help of latest machinery and innovative techniques.

Colourite Chemicals Ltd · Industrial chemicals and gases